The way ONPASSIVE is growing we will have close to 110,000 by the end of June. We are growing fast and people are seeing what this company can do for them in their lives. It is such a blessing that we see people helping people. When the money starts to come in I want to pay it forward in ways that will help this company as well as helping someone out that cannot make that first payment. That would be a nice thing for all of us to do. This can help the growth of ONPASSIVE and also help people that cannot make that first payment. So that they can enjoy life as it should be. To be able to enjoy the fruits of life and GOD will be there to guide us all. He has the reins of our lives and we need to have the faith that He will be there for the good and the bad in our lives. Be positive, have faith, and believe in the Lord Jesus and GOD almighty.

Thanks to Ash and his associates that make ONPASSIVE a reality.