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In this article, we will be looking into the marketing strategies to try and understand how to take your marketing efforts to the next level. From our previous article, you might have gleaned the most important marketing strategies, that can be used to improve yourself in the year 2020.

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9. Livestream to it’s fullest potential

Livestreaming was on the rise in 2019 and will still continue to dominate in 2020 because it is free, takes a short amount of time to produce, reaches a broader target audience, and will also offer authentic user engagement. You can create live content with the ability to generate greater impressions rather than posts published in newsfeeds.

10. Trying out explainer videos

Another option for video content is explainers and the Google algorithm will continue to favor websites with more video content, and also makes this incredibly important especially for marketing and SEO with Marketgoo. You will also be helpful to create a better course for online learning platforms which is more educational than promotional.

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11. Host or join podcasts

There have been many podcasts and it has been a real breakthrough in 2019 with a greater surge of shows in digital marketing in particular, which can help you as a marketer and also appear on the guest as part of an established list of podcasts, with many benefits and very little downsides.

You can also utilize podcasts as it a great way to build a solid audience which also returns every week without having your face in front of the camera. It’s also a good way to repurposing content that I may already have on your blog, and this will have been a part of the most effective marketing strategies of 2019. This is also a part of being able to drive site traffic and brand awareness.

12. Prioritizing local SEO

Prioritizing local SEO is one of the most effective strategies in 2019 and 2020, you can also successfully optimize and prioritize yourself as Google My Business. This is just a free tool that allows businesses to manage their online presence across Google, including tools such as search and maps.

Most businesses have been claimed as a Google My Business listing, with only a small percentage, of people who have optimized it. Google has also continually added various new features, that many businesses aren’t even aware that exist, this also means that you are missing out on opportunities, in driving leads.

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13. Set up automated email marketing campaigns

As a digital marketing manager of customer engagement at career advice website  which can help in automating its email marketing campaigns in and was a “resounding success.”

14. Prepare for voice technology

Continuing a trend from prior years, voice search was once again on marketers’ minds in 2019. This is also great in using natural language processing which can also assess the quality of its human contributors and create more value for customers.

15. Test out augmented reality

Extending the personalization trend, Polly Kay, senior marketing manager at window treatment retailer English Blinds, said interactive content that allows customers to preview products paid off well in 2019.

After a four-month trial of this Virtual Interiors tool, the brand decided to look closely at enabling additional interactivity in 2020.

16. Use smart bidding

According to Wulfe, Google and Facebook have also significantly expanded their AI-based ad targeting and bidding capabilities over the last year and her agency have adopted them across at least 90% with our search and social ad campaigns.


We hope you found this article informative in understanding the best marketing strategies, that you should try out in 2020. Thanks for reading!

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