team building

A few years ago at a medical conference in Keystone, Colorado, Phillip V. Olsen, President of Know your Strengths was our motivational speaker.

He shared with us these essential elements to build and maintain a healthy team that has influenced me to this day. I would like to share them with you in hopes that you will be able to implement them with your team.

  1. Team Members embrace a common purpose and are bound together by a compelling performance challenge.
  2. Team Members possess complementary skills, talents & abilities to understand and accept their individual roles.
  3. Team Members demonstrate confidence in their leader(s) and possess a high level of trust in one another. And, likewise, the leader(s) demonstrates confidence in the members of their team and possess a high level of trust in them.
  4. Team Members are empowered to freely engage in a process of unfiltered “constructive dissent” over issues, ideas and team-related decisions.
  5. Team Members are committed to support the team’s final decisions and to give their best efforts to implement the resulting action plan…
  6. Team Members consistently maintain their focus on the fulfilment of the team’s purpose and the accomplishment of team goals.
  7. Team Members hold themselves and each other accountable for the team’s collective performance results.

Over my 27 year career in Medical Device Sales, I have had the privilege of gaining wisdom and knowledge from many successful people. Olympic Gold Medallists, Professional Athletes, Coaches and War Heroes. All sharing their unique journeys of discipline, motivation, desire and the amazing will to survive in this world full of competition and obstacles.

Phillip Olsen is one of these speakers that had an impact on me and fortunately I saved these 7 gems that can help any team.

It is important to note that although I gained some valuable information from these people, they don’t compare with the experience I had the other day in the private Webinar with Ash Mufareh – Founder and CEO of ONPASSIVE.

He put aside time to record a 34-minute webinar with our team. The information he shared with our team during that time was invaluable.

The most amazing part of this experience was the hour he spent with us before we hit the record button. He expressed a legitimate desire to dig deep into what made us tick as a team and individually.

During the course of that hour, I was blown away at the level of trust and respect that was being established.

The motivation and desire to succeed with this amazing company increased beyond my wildest dreams. Ash is a big-time TEAM guy and will do whatever it takes to help you succeed as he has demonstrated in the Founding and Soon to Launch Dream that is ONPASSIVE!