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ONPASSIVE will help you automate and deploy done-for-you business when I say a business that is exactly what it is. Not sales funnels or affiliate programs, this is your business which you own but operated for you by ONPASSIVE.

ONPASSIVE can generate instant customers and sales in seconds.

Nowadays, they’re a lot of businesses or people who claim to have software that deploys sale funnel and make sales for you.

A lot of that kind of stuff is gimmicky, and buggy, and doesn’t really give you the kinds of results that are promised.

I know you know exactly what I’m talking about.

However, ONPASSIVE, I can say, it’s definitely worth checking out.

It’s not like some of the guru stuff that’s hastily put together by some second-rate programmer

This actually is a never seen before the revolutionary machine. Shocking, I know…

Now, if you’re interested in this groundbreaking, effective, money-making platform, here are just a few of the perks:

Global, Residual, Scalable, Affordable, Automated No withdrawal fees, Unlimited earnings, Instant access to payments (No approval required). Paid on every transaction

Rotators, Funnels, Landing Pages, Bulk Emailers, Email Campaign Data Cleaners, Contact Managers, Autoresponders, Domain Names, Domain Hosting, Site Creators, Webinar Hosting, Crowd-funding And much more.

  • No instalment… So there’s no work involved. For a lazy guy like me, that’s music to my ears.
  •   It automates and Deploys Done-For-You businesses that can generate instant customers and sales in Seconds… (what’s not to like about that!)
  • It automatically follows up with your customers…

Now, this part here, the sales page kind of glosses over it, but let me tell you, this should be one of their main selling points. I don’t know why it’s not, but… The fact that ONPASSIVE actually follows up with your customers, is such a time saver.

And following up with customers is where most marketers fail big time. And it’s a shame because it’s where most successful marketers make the lion’s share of their money.

Following up is very important to maintain a solid relationship with your customer so they purchase from you again and again.

I’m sure you’ve heard of lifetime customer value? It’s the amount of money a customer pays you over their lifetime. The higher the lifetime customer value, the more money you make.

So, as you can see, following up with your customers is a big deal. And ONPASSIVE does it for you automatically. So, no work.

ONPASSIVE enables you to generate your first customer and sale instantly…

And that’s also a huge point here. Generate your first sale instantly. How many people struggle to make a sale online, just a single sale, here is done for you instantly. You can’t deny the power of that. I know I can’t.

  • It also helps anyone to make money… Its 100% newbie-friendly, enabling anyone to cash in without any marketing or technical experience required…

This means that even if you just figured out how to turn on a computer, you can use ONPASSIVE to make money online it’s that easy.

I’m not very technically savvy, so it’s important for me that anything I use that needs to be very intuitive and super simple to use. If not, I get lost and confused and I usually delete the software because of it.

However, ONPASSIVE is simple and easy no set up and even I didn’t have a single issue with it. And that’s saying a lot.

So, it’s good for grizzled veterans and for beginners alike.

I don’t normally go for stuff like this, but, I have to recommend it.

So, if you’re interested in being able to, in just one click, deploy done for your businesses that generate instant customers and sales in seconds become a FOUNDER now.

You won’t regret it, to find out more become ONPASSIVE FOUNDER now.