The Best Choice of my Life

It was in 2012 when I started to learn about Online opportunities. I learned a lot about the online businesses and I loved it as I already had 20 years of Offline experience. What I enjoyed the most is that I don’t have to go and attend the meetings and presentations in person. I could do it from the comfort of my home. The internet is wonderful and opened up endless opportunities without borders. I learned to use it for my benefit, but 2 years ago I gave up on Multilevel Marketing. No matter how much I learned, how hard I tried I could not make it and reach the same level of success I had before.

Then GoFounders came in my way last year in October. My life changed and took a positive turn.

I followed every step what has been made, I’m so lucky to be a part and be a Founding Member of the ONPASSIVE company.

Since that day I keep smiling every day because I know this was the BEST Choice of my Life I ever made. Thank you Mr Ash Mufareh for making it happen for ALL of us