In today's scenario, we find that businesses have moved online. Likewise, more people are into it to know information and execute tasks easily and quickly. 

Businesses have to gain a better ranking in the search results to gain visibility and user attention. Otherwise, users would be unaware of the business opportunities.

At the same time, the displayed links should allure the user to click. If you are not adopting the means to implement, your competitor likely does. So, you could be at a loss. Therefore, the necessity to define compelling titles lies. Moreover, the meta description Google shows in the search results is more significant to enhance click-through rates (CTRs). 

Going further, we will see some of the top ways to improve CTRs for organic search results. 

Talking of either search results or ads, CTR is defined as the ratio between the number of clicks and the number of times it is shown. Assume that your website is shown ten times in the search results, and the number of clicks you have received is 2. The click-through rate is 2/10, which is 0.2. 

A higher click-through rate reveals that more people are interested in your business. 

Meta tags influence CTR

Let us talk about four important meta tags that anyone should incorporate effectively to enhance CTRs.

Title tag: The title tag is the page's title that summarizes the complete concept as one single attractive sentence, and this appears in blue as a hyperlink on the search results page.

Meta description: Meta description is shown below the title and provides the users with a brief view of the topic's essence.

URL path:  It is shown just above the page title. Of course, its effect on the user is not as much as the title and meta description. However, its impact cannot be neglected. Thus, defining a proper URL path can gain user attention. 

Schema Markup:  Adding a Scheme markup helps boost SEO ranking. Such incorporated feature provides the search engines to understand the content more deeply and thus elevates the page ranking to the top when the related keywords are typed on the search page. 

Relationship with CTR and page ranking

CTR and the ranking are exponentially related, and this can mean that the top-ranked pages cause more clicks, and this number comes down as the ranking of the pages comes down. Studies have proved that users click the search results shown organically instead of the paid ads. So lies the need to put in sufficient efforts to earn a good ranking organically in the SERP. 

Having understood the terms CTR, meta tags, and page ranking let us gain deeper insights to enhance meta tags.

How to improve meta tags?

Character count standards: The page title should not exceed 60 characters, and the meta description should not exceed 160 characters. 

Use Target keyword: Include the target keyword as part of the meta description and the page title. 

Call-To-Action: Having a call to action as part of the page title or meta description will increase user engagement. Chances do exist for Google to rewrite your meta description when it is not found relevant. 


The higher the click-through rate, the greater is the positive impact on the audience. Gaining a good ranking is not just sufficient. Also, implementing the best standards for enhancing the click-through rates is equally important.

We have seen what all could be incorporated to enhance the CTRs. Executing them yields successful results. Furthermore, if you explore more creative options to improve your page ranking, effective options lie. ONPASSIVE's O-Create serves businesses to build SEO compliant web pages and gain a better ranking in the search results.