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The change is coming. ONPASSIVE is one of a kind and Success is what you will achieve. This is world-wide and it’s a Lifetime Business.

David J Otto

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I live in Ontario Canada, I turned to the internet about 7 years ago to see if I could generate an income, because I was tired of the life I was living! I was injured 34 years ago that disabled me. Because I couldn't work. I found out the hard way, that there was much more to marketing than I knew! I was set up by pro's who left me in a large debt! Then I discovered, Go Founders, The rest is History, I joined Go Founders, because of a very honorable man, Ash Mufareh, I heard him speak about things, wrong with the internet, we had so much in common, I put all my faith and Trust in Ash, and he sure did not disappoint, as I' am a Founder of ONPASSIVE, and It's the greatest Business in the World, led by Love Honor and Loyalty, Ash has done what no other man has ever done! He is a Saint, because he had a Vision, that is today the greatest Business in all History of the internet, ONPASSIVE, it gave me more than hopes and dreams, it saved my Life!

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  • David Otto

    With the Launch of ONPASSIVE, a much needed change is going to take place! This means that the times of searching, struggling and failing online, will end. I’m a member of the greatest Online Business in the World. Go Founders the Business that never sleeps, creating and providing the “Solution to Success” for everyone with ONPASSIVE, using Superior Technology, Artificial Intelligence. So when I say Change is coming, get ready to achieve all your Dreams and Goals and enjoy a Future of Financial Freedom!

    1 year ago | 19 February, 2020 12:02 am Reply
  • Stefan Ozsvath

    Hello there,

    This is the revolutionary technology information company that will shake up the entire internet.
    (look for it by name).
    If/when you want to become successful because, it will eventually force you to achieve your goals, and will make you look like a super star.
    Big company or small, so called gurus or rookies,private enterprise and everyone else, peel your eyes open, because there is only a small window of time left to join as founder.
    Filling, honored to be one of the early founders and becoming soon an early customer-re-seller, for all the proprietary and automated marketing tools powered by Artificial Intelligence technology.
    I can hardly wait for the launch time, knowing that with “ONPASSVE” I am on my way to achieve success.

    1 year ago | 18 January, 2020 8:47 pm Reply

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