VPN and Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning, which is a fundamental element of AI, is much valuable for digital protection, and this importance is growing every day. Businesses that align themselves with the latest technological advancements will gain significant benefits in terms of data protection. For a review of VPN programs, the data stored on corporate computers and devices need multi-layer protection, and virtual private networks are required to ensure security-conscious corporations.

Artificial Intelligence Encryption

For artificial intelligence to work, your messages have to be unencrypted. We can then decide on choosing AI, and encryption is no longer an option. The tech industry is much involved in the encryption discussion, and the big enterprises have made it clear about how they answer to pressuring and arm-twisting guidelines by the government: they seek to protect and defend personal data from hack attacks and government surveillance. However, because they also want to benefit from AI, encryption has to be the backbone.

Many companies fail to support and carefully protect data yet achieve their AI goals at the same time. Their AI goals are huge and way too lucrative. It’s expected that by the next 5 – 10 years the AI revenue market will reach up to 90 billion dollars. If you think these huge organizations are going to prioritize your data security over their financial interests, you must think again. Several businesses are going to choose one over the other, and we all know what their choice is going to be. Which means it is you who will have to make a choice: AI or encryption?

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AI and VPN

Based on the above understanding, VPN is more critical than ever. Private Tunnel is big on privacy. Privacy is what everything is built on, and our aim will always be to keep customer’s data private through top-notch, military-grade encryption. We dream of a future where all users recognize the importance of VPN technologies to protect them against cyberattacks, and where they understand the need for keeping their private data, well, private!

But we also see a future powered by AI — and we can’t help but wonder: what will the future of the state of privacy look like? Will organizations care more about convenience and ease, rather than keeping customer’s personal information secured? And will we be able to identify the convenience of AI-driven assistance that is backed by a lot of money to be made and all of that valuable data that is collected?

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Features of AI and VPN technologies to add to your checklist:

  • Cascaded connections: Connect up to four different VPN services which offer extra security in a certain case, a data center is compromised.
  • TrackStop filter: Server sided DNS filter which can block ads, attacks, and malware content on all devices. Full IPv6 Support and an unlimited number of simultaneous connections can help you by providing a secure connection.
  • AI-powered routing: This means that a user’s connections will be routed based on where he is connecting to; it will direct the traffic within the VPN network to the VPN server that is in the shorter distance with the destination server.

At the same time, several advances in technology and computing power offer various cool features that will differentiate cheap providers from the ones with premium features and functionality.

Today, when cybersecurity is rapidly changing along with the overall technological advancements, it is important to pay attention to the latest changes and implement the best solutions, especially in business, where unapproved use of corporate data may result in huge financial losses. Therefore, any changes brought about by machine learning and artificial intelligence have vital importance for the safety of sensitive business data.

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