The gaining popularity of video marketing makes it one of the most effective strategies for businesses for their brand promotions. One of the powerful ways to interact with customers is through various social media platforms, acting as video marketing platforms

Many businesses are increasingly using video content to promote their products or services. Brands are using many video marketing platforms to create short videos or ads and post them on various platforms as a part of their marketing strategies.

With the switch of most businesses to e-commerce, video consumption has increased, and businesses are finding new ways to connect with their target customers. However, with the evolution of technology, videos are used everywhere, from news feed to social media and help businesses transfer information about products and services more fastly and effectively. 

What are the Biggest Video Marketing Trends of 2021

Latest technologies are paving the way for more engaging video marketing platforms. with the emerging video formats and the rise of interactive videos, businesses are increasingly using various video marketing platforms and are developing critical video marketing campaigns to meet the ever-changing customer needs

The following are the most prominent video marketing trends of 2021:

360 Degree Video Experience 

In the upcoming years, the 360-degree video experience trend will be a perfect tool for businesses to showcase their products or services. Various video trends appear and vanish, but 360-degree video experience acts as a great medium and helps brands provide a new visual experience to customers. 

Compared to other video formats, 360-degree video is more exciting and allows brands to provide consumers with the demo of products and enables customers to make more informed decisions when purchasing a product. 

Live Videos for Real-time Purchases

Videos are one of the most powerful tools for marketing and help marketers establish a more personal connection with the consumers. Social media enables marketers to engage existing customers with their brand while influencing the leads who are interested in their brand and offers.

Live videos are highly prioritized these days and are very useful for marketers to engage with their potential customers. Other than interacting with customers, live videos these days are also utilized by individual sellers to sell their products by showcasing their collection of products through live streaming videos.

Animated Explainer Videos 

Animation is one of the most creative technologies. Animated explainer videos are among the growing video marketing trends and are expected to be one of the crucial video marketing trends of 2021. many companies are using animated videos to promote their products and services and educate customers on how to use them.

Marketers can combine the audio and video elements to explain to customers about the products in a more understandable way and increase their brand awareness by communicating critical brand messages.

Vlogging for Brands 

Vlogs are currently the most popular form of video content for internet users. People use video blogs or vlogs more often to share their experience, showcase their day-to-day life or simply express themselves and their talents. 

Vlogging can be one of the most effective video marketing strategies of 2021. It allows marketers to humanize the brand while allowing them to connect with the target audience personally, making the brands more authentic and approachable.

Big Splash of Shoppable Videos 

Another marketing trend rushing in 2021 is shoppable videos. These videos come with a button that leads viewers to the store, enabling them to make a purchase quickly. These shoppable videos are mostly used on social media platforms such as Instagram. They are a must for every company in 2021 as they are becoming the most significant marketing places on the web.

These videos act as an excellent video marketing tool that helps in boosting sales. Shoppable videos mimic e-commerce website but don’t disrupt customers and their time on the internet. 

Marketers need to create videos that show their authentic side as part of their video marketing strategy to connect well with the target audience, increase brand awareness, and gain audience trust. 


The marketing landscape underwent massive changes with the global pandemic, and marketers are finding new ways to connect with their target audience despite the present situation. Businesses are integrating the latest video marketing trends such as animated explainer videos, vlogging and 360-degree video experience as a part of their marketing strategies and are using various video marketing platforms.

Therefore, businesses need to stay up to date with changing customer behaviour patterns and use the effectiveness of video marketing strategies to be successful in these complex economic conditions.