customer experience

With technology transforming our daily lives at lightning speed, the marketing landscape also is evolving at a similar pace. Companies have already geared up for the oncoming decade with their resolutions, priorities, concerns, and more. With this in mind, every organization is aiming at sustainable growth and better customer experience as they enter 2020 and, subsequently, the upcoming decade.

Business Challenges

The main challenges or obstacles that companies have perceived that could come their way in 2020 and the upcoming decade is 1) finding effective scalability solutions, 2) proving the impact of digital marketing, 3) hitching a ride on the right technologies, and 4) acquiring buy-in from executive leadership.

Taking these challenges into consideration, we have charted a few recommendations that could help drive businesses towards the growth path.   

Personalize everything

It is all about personalization. It is a given that customers prefer personalized content from all channels, even web and emails. There are AI tools equipped with predictive modeling available in the market that can fine-tune every message to suit a specific customer’s taste. There is a likely chance that personalized content induces customers to convert. After all, providing personalized content creates a better customer experience (CX).

We say, adopt predictive modeling AI tools in your business to personalize customer interactions across your communication channels.

Target revenue attribution

One of the biggest communication challenges business leaders face is demonstrating the impact of marketing actions on financial outcomes. Tracking the long and complicated customer journeys with many different touchpoints is a pain, despite using sophisticated ROI and pipeline metric tools to measure marketing attribution.

Accuracy is the key to marketing powered-growth. There is a need for a complete marketing attribution system that can help businesses improve marketing performance and gain support for scaling successful innovations. Invest in an attribution solution that connects seamlessly with the marketing automation platform and CRM to give the company the edge over competitors.

Prioritize mobile marketing

Marketing through mobile has been tasking for B2B and B2C companies that offer complex products. But mobile apps have simplified these tasks to a large extent and now can also be a significant source of revenue, primarily when they are used to capture repeat orders from existing customers.

Make your webpages mobile friendly and take advantage of mobile-first channels like text messages emails and push notifications. Over two-thirds of emails are opened on mobile devices. Now is the time to optimize your website for mobile viewing and develop a mobile app. Make mobile an integrated part of your marketing plan. You are one step closer to better customer experience with this.

Measure long-term performance

Having long-term KPIs incorporated into the performance, then relying on short-term metrics (weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals), can help businesses foresee the competition and grow faster.   Long-term trends usually reveal opportunities for growth. We recommend you implement long-term performance trends in your marketing strategy and use this opportunity to apply the insights gleaned to design more effective approaches to derive superior customer experience.