Every day we anticipate a launch that is going to improve every aspect of the way we conduct business online.

As a Founding Member of this Future Unicorn Company, I find myself more confident and excited than ever in its potential progress is being made on a daily basis as they continue to hire people from all over the world. What a blessing in these challenging times for people to have an opportunity to gain employment with this amazing company.

Not only have they hired the best and brightest tech people, but there is also an incredible group of Founding Members who are introducing this life-changing opportunity to people all over the world.

The Leadership Council keeps us updated on the latest from Ash Mufareh and an increasing number of leaders within the Founders Community help us to expand the dream.

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It is a BLAST to be part of a positive, contagious atmosphere that is growing every day. Developing relationships with people from all over the world with the same goals and aspirations and working together to bring this opportunity to everyone who wants to change their lives.

We hear so many stories of people who are excited about writing that new chapter in their lives that will fulfill the hopes and dreams for themselves and their families.

They will be able to realize those dreams with ONPASSIVE.

  • 100% Proprietary, Original and Authentic Products
  • 100% Automated
  • 100% Done For You
  • 100% Hands-Free
  • A Total Internet Solution

So imagine your hopes and dreams becoming a reality very soon and leaving your own LASTING LEGACY. Not only to enjoy everything in your life now but to have a lasting impact on the lives of other people who are less fortunate.


Ash Mufareh

YOUR LEGACY should be full of Honor with Words and Deeds

We would like to help you with your journey and introduce you to what we feel is the most amazing online opportunity to every come along.

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