The Growing CRM Market Potential

Customer Relationship Management software have introduced unparalleled ease at managing customer accounts and catering to their specific needs. It helps sales team to channelize their efforts in the right order and identify effective leads. With the increased ease of operation, agents are able to spend more time in building the right prospects with the customers.

With the intricate CRM tools being developed to encompass every industry vertical, businesses have been able to enhance their performance by manifolds. A well-sorted CRM can help a business to improve customer satisfaction which goes a long way in delivering the right growth trajectory. With increased sales and higher customer retention, every business can exponentially increase their revenue generation.

Redefining Customer Relationship with technology

A greater number of businesses have now understood the effectiveness of the CRM tool and are increasingly integrating it into their work environment. As newer technology is emerging, so are the upgraded versions of CRM tools.

The market for CRM tools is getting a notch higher with AI and ML now defining the effectiveness of each feature that is being introduced. Here is a look into how the market for CRM tool developers is evolving with the passing years.

There is no doubt that every business is in a race to win over the other. It is a race to get the customers first hooked on to the product or service that one offers before the customer has a chance to try another. But that may not be possible with a simple service that you offer. You need to go beyond the expected curve and read deep into the market analytics to understand where you are and how you can reach further.

Leading CRM software providers

With the growing market, many software companies have built multi-tiered CRM software to make the most of the opportunities. Some of the top companies in the CRM market are

  1. Salesforce
  2. Zoho CRM
  3. Genesys Telecommunications Lab
  4. HubSpot Sales
  5. Adobe Systems
  6. Oracle
  7. Microsoft
  8. SAP
  9. Pegasystems
  10. IQVIA

The growing market size of CRM is influenced by the increasing number of web-based interface users. With the more in-depth analytics that is possible to understand customer trends and preferences, CRM tools are becoming a sure success in every industry it is being implemented in.

Evolving CRM user market

Businesses are being highly influenced by social media. The perennial presence of a customer in the virtual world is undeniable. This key factor with the possibility to access detailed information of customer preferences has convinced the market leaders to turn to the CRM tool.

In 2018 alone the global CRM market hit over $48 bn. With the Pandemic opening a new era of online marketing, research, and engagement the growth of the CRM market is expected to double. Though the projected market growth for CRM was $80 bn by the end of 2025, the drift in the market trends has definitely made a huge change to this projection. The CRM market is expected to grow even further as companies compete with each other to capture the growing market and build on the revenue generation.

The improved automation in lead generation, customer query management, data analytics, and various other contributing technologies is making CRM an absolute must for every business. While most of North America is already using CRM technology, a large section of the Asia Pacific market is yet to open up to the advantages that it brings in.

The changing consumer dynamics brought about by the digitally enhanced operations of every user interface for every business is defining the new CRM trends. Social CRM and mobile CRM are the new tools that are being featured due to their target-oriented functionalities.


Various tech giants have introduced numerous CRM tools that can enhance the experience of a customer while easing the workload of the sales team. With integrated AI-enabled chatbots and data analytics, the new generation CRM tools are set to revolutionize the way you do business. If you have not yet adopted a CRM tool to enhance your business, then it’s time you explored the various software’s in the market to up your game.