Best Tools To Build Sales Tech Stack

Today, SaaS tools exist to assist pretty much every business function, and organizations keep on focusing on cloud-based tools and computing over on-premise software. Business pioneers presently function as technology buyers and CIOs, and spending plans for cloud-based tools increase. 

For sales leaders, investment in these advanced tools is no longer an alternative; it’s a competitive need. A triumphant sales tech stack can assist you with critical monitoring leads, robotize outreach, amplify productivity, crush your quotas, and more. 

In any case, with countless such tools accessible, how would you choose which ones are appropriate for your business’s sales and growth technique? Here we’ll outline the essential tools and categories you should consider when building your ideal and optimal winning sales tech stack. 

What is the Sales Tech Stack?

To begin with, we should spread out certain fundamentals. A tech stack is the assortment of software, IT infrastructure, and application programming interfaces (APIs) that a business utilizes to get its everyday work done. This technology shapes a framework that tracks client profiles, exchanges, transactions, communications, financial information, and related data in sales.

Many parts of the sales technology stack have robust applications beyond reaching prospects and closing deals. A few solutions, such as ZoomInfo Enrich, are likewise helpful for advertisers and marketers building email campaigns or executives doing extensive research about their total addressable market. 

What mistakes to avoid when implementing a powerful sales tech stack

Before we get into the sort of tools you ought to remember for your winning tech stack, we should discuss where teams fizzle and wind up with nothing to do and money as opposed to enhancing and optimizing their time and generating more income.

While purchasing a new tool or a set of tools, teams don’t contemplate enough about change management and concocting a course of action in advance.

Regarding implementing a winning tech stack, constant optimization of your sales tech should be a prominent part of the plan. As most sales tech is presently SaaS, you can anticipate your solutions should have continuous updates, frequently including new elements, features, and integrations.

Initial deployment and training is step zero. You need to help sales teams become power users, incorporate it into their daily tasks, give continuous training as your team develops. New features are added and persistently enhance and optimize tools to fit into and improve the sales interaction process.

What’s in a winning sales tech stack?

Each organization’s necessities are unique; however, the accessible and best-in-class tools available to sales teams now and the main ones for the typical sales process.


A data source assists you with building, enriching, and focusing on a rundown of possibilities inside your ICP. A LinkedIn profile can enlighten you a lot regarding a purchaser, be that as it may, and they must be active on the platform. So the following tool you’ll require is a data source—ideally, one that gives contact information, intent data, and date enrichment like SalesIntel.You likewise need to check and verify the exactness of your data source. SalesIntel, for example, furnishes 95% human-verified contacts with direct dial and portable mobile numbers. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is the top social platform utilized by experts professionals and hence perhaps the best place to associate with B2B buyers. LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows Sales to rapidly aggregate lists of purchasers from LinkedIn’s broad network utilizing its search and filter highlights, track down ways of collaborating with them by taking a gander at various insights, and above all, build connections and relationships.

Outreach is the top and best-in-class sales engagement platform, hands down. Best reporting, best UI, best information, and it’s the most incredible as far as making “activity holders.” If we’re discussing the best tech, we don’t need a tool built only for sending all. Outreach creates a work process of activity holders, so your team never needs to recollect whom to follow up with and when. It has highlighted making templates and snippets per purchaser persona and campaign, yet it permits sales teams to go in and still personalize their informing and messaging at scale.

Gong is a conversation and discussion intelligence tool and an ideal sales coaching platform. It’s an AI-powered tool that assists sales teams’ outreach what sets their top performs separated so different reps can replicate them. Gong has the best NLP technology for phone calls to measure productivity and mentor calls.


InsightSquared isn’t a platform you check retrospectively every month. It’s a platform that assists you with settling on data-driven decisions and permits you to improve and optimize your cycles and message. You have the option to all the more likely to manage your sales pipeline with activity capture, directed selling, intelligent and interactive reporting, and AI-driven forecasting.  


On the off chance that direct mail and gifting are essential for your business sales outreach (and they ought to be), Sendoso is perhaps the best platform out there in terms of options and simple integration into sales workflows and tools. Considerably more, Sendoso is continuously developing its offerings, guaranteeing you’ll constantly track down something to get through and catch your prospect’s eyes. Look no farther than their new addition of Cameo as an option to send to prospects.


A customer relationship management (CRM) tool is the foundation of any sales associate. A CRM like Salesforce can be a solitary source of truth for lead, contact, record information, account data; opportunity and pipeline management; action tracking; detailing, reporting, dashboards; etc. You can’t run an effective sales organization without a CRM platform, exceptionally, as CRMs have turned into the focal integration hub that each of your other pieces of sales tech interfaces with.


Seismic is a forerunner in sales enablement. Purchasers anticipate customized experiences and important content. Seismic is an all-in-one resource for managing, automating, and distributing every one of the content sales requirements to close deals.


Newoldstamp is an effective and viable email signature generator that furnishes organizations with the possibility to create, modify, and deploy proficient email signatures across the entire organization. An all-around planned email signature can bring many sales opportunities consistently with every email sent.

With the assistance of Newoldstamp, the sales reps can easily embed promotional banners to their email signatures alongside call-to-actions to catch the recipients’ interest and make their sales emails stand out.

Having standardized email signatures can be extremely valuable in remaining memorable and keeping possibilities locked in. Newoldstamp, an email signature generator, likewise comes with built-in email signature analytics that empowers sellers to follow the adequacy of various CTAs and banner campaigns.

Putting it all together

Assuming we set up everything, a winning tech stack is coordinated into your sales processes and advances each progression your reps take.

  • Tools like Sales Navigator and SalesIntel incorporate your rundowns and give you experiences and insights into your buyers.
  • gives you a method for setting those rundowns into action and begin associating with buyers.
  • Gong permits you to have better conversations and imitate your best reps. 
  • Seismic puts more data into your reps’ hands than buyers need. 
  • InsightSquared gives essential information into your interaction and pipeline and assists you with advancing everything quicker.
  • Salesforce stores the entirety of your data and activities.

In the present commercial marketplace, there’s a tech tool for pretty much every type of job function, all built to assist you with smoothing out work and delivering better outcomes for your business. These tech tools are likewise progressively interwoven through integration and processes, so it’s critical to put resources into what will turn out best for your team rather than the following bright and shiny tech tool.

Building the right sales tech stack might include some trial and error, yet the process will assist you with fine-tuning your sales procedure and investing in the tools that will help your team close more deals.