Working from home is becoming a new interest for many these days because of the effects of the global outbreak of the Coronavirus. I take absolutely no comfort in the existence of this virus, which is killing thousands of people worldwide and tormenting lives, shutting down our economy and putting hundreds of thousands out of business.

However, the launch of ONPASSIVE is going to open the flood gate for millions of people who will be seeking a work from home opportunity. I also believe that this is going to force Sir Ash Mufareh and his team to establish new office spaces in many countries around the world and employ many more technical people to effectively manage the rapid growth rate of this mega-company. 

Ladies and gentlemen, we must take a proactive stance and be prepared for what most certainly is our reality. World leaders and governments will be in dire need of help in order to bring back some sense of normality to their economy. ONPASSIVE most definitely will be the business of choice and the center of worldwide attention in this matter. 

I once again applause the selflessness of our CEO and esteemed leader Ash Mufareh. This great man and his vision have come to save our world from financial disaster in such a time as this.