A friend of mine Pastor Jeffrey Reed wrote a book years ago.  Jeffrey is a General Contractor. 

In his book, he states that he was constructing a home one day and a gentleman approached him out of nowhere. The guy didn’t look like much. He said the guy even looked as if his elevator didn’t reach the top floor.

The gentleman politely asked him “Sir, do you have any cans on the back of your truck?’  He told him he could look. He watched the man as he picked up a can and crushed it. It struck him that people go to a vending machine put in money, drink the substance and throw the can away.

We think we have drained all the value out of what we bought, but we fail to realize that there is still more value in the can than there is in the substance. He said we do the same thing to people. We evaluate and drain the substance out of them like the soda can and once the thing we value is gone, we discard the rest. He watched as the man walked slowly down the road picking up discarded cans.

A little later another person drove up to the job site and asked “Pastor Reed, how do you like the columns on this house?” He had not paid attention to the columns so they began to look at them. At that moment he realized that the columns in the house were made of aluminum.

He began to realize that the entire house was supported and held together by the same material as the discarded can. We drain the value and throw them away but another see the true value in what was discarded.  And here is my light for today, In one season you may have been the empty and discarded can that needed to be “picked up and recovered, but now you are sent as a column whose mission is to support and lift others up.”   To our Success. ONPASSIVE.