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            Our culture right now is at a time of his own evolution that is so apparent that it’s absolutely undeniable. We are, and have been for a while, moving from a culture of “doing” to a culture of “feeling.  We are moving from a culture of manipulating the material world to one that understands and uses the immaterial… the energetic substances, found at the quantum level. Because of this we are moving from a culture of “doing” to one of “being.”   We’re moving from a thinking culture that thinks its way through competitive action to one of feeling its way through a loving presence. This evolution that we’re experiencing, as it us from the 3rd to the 4th dimension at the cosmic level, will insist that we find ourselves in non-nurturing or stressful situations so that we can learn to be the nurturing component without getting caught up in the stress.  We are, after all, the “light” of the world and, as such, we are to transform our world complete with the current chaos, all Its domineering control structures, and its stresses.  But it won’t be easy for some of us because this world is all framed up in such a particular way that tremendous mental and emotional frictions… the unseen resistances of life…are present as we try to push through current situations into a life with more joy, more prosperity, and more freedom. 

So, this brings us to the philosophy that gave birth to ONPASSIVEIt’s not fully expressed, because ONPASSIVE hasn’t launched publicly yet, but the philosophy that will spark the coming online marketing shift, like the rule of nature, is also based on cooperation and mutual benefit.  ONPASSIVE’S launch will show the public… the whole world… a new standard in online marketing that primarily takes the form of a non-competitive, self-funding business solution. You got that, right?  Non-competitive, self-funding. It’s a solution intended for marketers that does away with the need for them to recruit or convert leads.  It can guarantee traffic and even pays the marketer to use it.  Hence, self-funding. That’s powerful!  It provides every imaginable tool needed for successful online marketing.  It’s an  “All done for you.” system with everything easily accessible in one place.  Yep… everything’s under one roof.  And that’s not just things like unlimited rotators, funnels, or landing pages. It also includes things like bulk emailers, email campaign data cleaners, contact managers, autoresponders, domain names and hosting, site creators, personal webinar hosting, crowd-funding platforms, and a whole host of other things. What’s more… there is no copy-cat or recycled tech. ONPASSIVE’S systems are all brand new and proprietary; built from the ground up using artificial intelligence. Incidentally, these resources are available at the lowest price at any spot on the globe!