Online marketing


In this way, ONPASSIVE is absolutely in sync with the shift the world has begun in recent years. As a matter of fact, ONPASSIVE is making history with this new, global, online-marketing standard. This is our contribution to the whole.  It includes things not even mentioned here and puts ONPASSIVE Founders in a unique position to reach and spread the wealth, literally and figuratively, to global audiences unhindered.

One of ONPASSIVE’S goals is to ethically and fairly provide what the world needs to as many as can use it.  Moreover, ONPASSIVE has developed this new model in line with the new science that teaches us life is based on cooperation and mutual benefit. Buckminster Fuller said:

“You never change things by fighting against the existing reality.  To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.”

Fuller, R. Buckminster

In keeping with the spirit of Mr. Fuller’s quote, ONPASSIVE has developed an entire system, with the help of artificial intelligence, that is a brand new, never-before-even-seen online marketing system destined to render the past standards of online marketing obsolete.  ONPASSIVE is not competing with any business opportunity out there because, though it can certainly be an opportunity to produce income, it’s primarily a tech company offering a smart business solution for marketers to use for building businesses.  Our CEO says:

“So, we are actually not competing with any company out there because we are not primarily a business opportunity, we are a smart Marketing Solution before we are an income opportunity.” Ash Mufareh

You see, ONPASSIVE is not trying to pull away from others as much as possible for themselves.  Instead, ONPASSIVE is providing a platform that allows those that already have businesses to join and become much more successful while providing for those that have no business [or success in online marketing] a plug-and-play system that guarantees their success. Incidentally, this system is exactly what our “Boomerang-ers” need.

In the first case, ONPASSIVE is not encroaching on our affiliates’ businesses or livelihood so seeks to increase their abundance. In the second case, ONPASSIVE is providing the needed services and software to those that have none and so seeks to provide them the means for obtaining abundance.  In both cases not only are the costs much lower and the quality much higher than currently available, but every resource is included for the single price. Additionally, ONPASSIVE has products lined up that it will provide and maintain freely to the public at large.  I know of no one else on the face of the planet that can make these claims.