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Those companies have been some of the very first to embrace the new model and leverage the power of the internet. ONPASSIVE has kept pace with the global change through the understanding and vision of its Founder and CEO, Mr Mufareh, and has developed the first sustainable, hands-free system to be applied to the online marketing space.  This puts ONPASSIVE next in the line of high probability to achieve the phenomenal, global success shown by other companies in the wake of previously massive changes. And ONPASSIVE embraced it knowing full-well their shift has the internet and online marketing spaces clearly in its “cross-hairs.” There is simply no other mechanism available through which a business can (1) offer a complete business solution with absolute digital duplicability and sustainability, (2) very quickly gain an active, participatory, global audience and (3) reach massively proportionate global growth.  Once it goes public with its system, which the world needs and the new paradigm requires…  ONPASSIVE will quickly become a world-class corporation “running with the herd” and communing daily at the table of a global economy. 

            If you are a Founder, Congratulations! If you are not a Founder, become one. ONPASSIVE’s principles are honourable, ethical and aimed at raising the member-count of the well-to-do and wealthy classes by millions.  It operates on the leading edge of thought and its Founders are privy to the advantages of cutting edge of technology.  It is the new model for online marketing success. And you, if’s Founders, are its leaders.

 I want to make sure you get this. There has got to be first-line leaders in every business! Someone is always at the top. With the current, out-dated model, we compete against each other to work ourselves into that spot.  Here, we provide an opportunity for you to be placed at the very top, the top 1% of company leadership, without the struggle or stress.  In that position, your efforts continue to drive ONPASSIVE’s powerful momentum. Rise up!  Embrace the day.  Rise up and be counted! Everything is here and lined up for your unbridled success. You need only to become a Founder today and learn begin to map your dreams.  Then, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, encourage those around you. Support and bless them; speak well of them. Encourage and support your up-line too… straight to the very top. They have only the best intentions for you. Do not allow doubt or fear to reign in you or reign you in.  This is your time! Do not grow weary in well-doing. But rather, always keep the faith and run the race with excellence. 

Remember, “You are in it to win it.” and your ONPASSIVE Future is “All done for you!”  Become a Founder & grow!