Part 1


            This post will talk a little about the recent changes that have caused a very large shift in world economies and briefly outlines how the shift affected fundamental principles of business.  It goes on to relate how these changes birthed a new and innovative breed of business to become the new model and what this new model requires of future endeavors. Lastly, it will show how a remarkable company, OnPassive, is not only poised to meet those requirements, but is set to usher forth its own global shift in the Online Marketing Space.


            Recognizing the world has changed, it’s safe to say that people have changed too. Consequently, the way we think about jobs and careers, family, health… our security… has also changed.   To illustrate the point, consider the term “boomerang” children. It came about through an inability for our kids… young adults… to obtain sufficiently lucrative employment to live out on their own. They eagerly leave home forge their own paths in life only to return… much like a boomerang. 

            Changes like this started many people putting their lives on hold, so to speak.  We postponed getting married and having children… we’re postponing career choices, etc.  It’s as if we’re biding our time just waiting for the world to go back to the way it was. For a great many of us there is a sense that if we can just get through this difficult time then we can go back to being “normal.”   But this is the new “normal” and the whole world is rapidly pushing forward into the new paradigm.

            The modern world began a forceful push for globalism some time back so now, like it or not, we’re all making the change.  After all, we are the world. We no longer live in isolated communities, economies, or nations.  We no longer rely on isolated resources with a global economy.  It’s no longer about solving a few people’s problems; it’s about global awareness.  And, globally speaking, this new awareness allows us to see the world and ourselves in a new context of personal belief.

            The “old” science has taught the origin of life, including human life, was random.  The relationship we have to our own body and our own world, so we have been told, is one of separateness. And, according to old science, our relationship to the past is an unforgiving, one-way “street” while the rule of nature was said to be one of competition and conflict.

So, why is this important? Well, because society is still based on those principles. Our medical and healing models are based on them.  The vast majority of corporations in the world today are based on them.   If fact, entire economies that are no longer working for much of the world are based on them. 

            But, take heart. Scientists have discovered some truly remarkable things that have had huge impacts on our world.  Those impacts resulted in the grand paradigm shift we’re talking about. These new discoveries have proven all the previously held assumptions to be false; proven them as non-sustainable models. Our new science has determined that the origin of life, all life, is not random. It has shown not only that the relationship [our mind has] to our body is one of very deep connection, but the same is true for our relationship to the [physical] world.

We now know we are deeply connected to both and it’s been shown we even have the ability to [physically] influence the world around us through our beliefs.   And, concerning the fundamental rule of nature…it’s based completely on cooperation and mutual benefit; on connectedness.  And everything really is connected because all matter is energy and all energy is vibration.  And when these vibrations are compressed, the wave-form collapses, it creates varying densities of mater.  But this is another story for another time, because the story here is about cooperation and connectedness.  You see, when living out a model of competition and conflict the underlying question we have in our brains is, “What can I get out of this? ” However, living out a model of cooperation and mutual benefit requires we that ask a much different question. Namely, “What can I contribute to this?  And this, my friend, is where we see the shift take form.