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ONPASSIVE products and digital infrastructure have already been put in place.  It’s a business that has been done for you and can enable your vision to take shape in reality with predictability and guaranteed success. It is my hope that this series will provide a soup-to-nuts explanation of ONPASSIVE.  So, I will start with our vision statement because that is the expectation.

You see, it’s been Mr. Mufareh’s long-time understanding that if a marketer can’t make the math work to provide a business that’s predictable… it’s not a real business. As a legitimate, ethical, and forward-thinking company, his products were being created based on marketing predictability and ensured profitability before collecting dime-one.  Consequently, as more and more products were added, the predictability became more and more evident.  This is largely due to ONPASSSIVE’s ability to re-group existing markets by duplicating their processes, restructuring them, and automating it all through the use of proprietary technology. 

In this way, ONPASSIVE has become a champion for the masses and a driving force in the new paradigm; the new way of modeling the business of online marketing.   Awake to the notion of rapidly evolving global awareness, Mr. Ash Mufareh sought to define ONPASSIVE’s global role.   His vision of an online community of cooperative and mutually beneficial marketers solidified into a single, powerful statement half way through 2019 that identifies his heart-felt aspirations for connectedness, prosperity, and a greater global good.  

To that end, everyone knows being limited by finances…experiencing lack… is no fun.  But with success, lack is overcome.  That allows the hearts and minds of those affected to rise to a higher level of caring, loving, and giving; not to mention enjoying greater, personal happiness.  For this reason, fairness and value, success and benefit, constitute the backbone of the ONPASSIVE vision. 

ONPASSIVE has been designed to improve the lives of its members; to provide better methods of handling the daily routines of life.    We are working diligently to provide new-found freedom and we are seeing progress and improvement every day.  However, Mr. Mufareh has also committed for the benefit of all that he would never look back and say, “We should have done this better.”   So, although our success may not be happening as quickly as it could, it is happening. Every decision we ever make is done in the hope that the outcome will bring happiness. So, let’s decide to be happy.  Let’s decide to embrace the ONPASSIVE vision.

Our mission is your vision.  When you catch the dream and witness our vision, you’ll realize that ONPASSIVE is anything but ordinary and cannot be referenced in general, currently known, market terms because we are a new breed. Nothing like us has ever existed before as a single entity under one roof with a vision for raising the human condition. So, if you are marketer or would like to be a marketer, our mission is your vision!   This means, as a marketer, you can be in any business you want and ONPASSIVE guarantees your success.

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Our Vision

“ONPASSIVE is the ultimate, complete and unique, Digital Marketing Platform that ensures everyone succeeds, regardless of their backgrounds or ability, by offering the simplest environment with the highest standards and the most value while sustaining the benefits of a global stimulus plan.”

Mr. Mufareh is a family-man that holds a Master’s of Information Technology & eCommerce (MIT) and also attended Harvard University to learn specifically about online business creation.  He has nearly twenty years of internet marketing experience and was searching for a better way to experience online marketing, to provide leadership to online entrepreneurs, and to develop a business model that would allow its members to enjoy radical success.

But, as a Master Marketer, he knew of no real, online-marketing system that could be trusted to provide honest, ethical, and principled leadership while guaranteeing success without limits to the millions that need online business solutions. His personal experience of being lied to, cheated, and stolen from produced a heart-felt desire to create an ethical, fresh, sustainable, and profitable experience for others.  He desired a “clean,” business model built on a principle of connectedness.

Unethical companies and outright scams notwithstanding, he understood clearly from years of online marketing that the vast majority of marketers weren’t successful because recruiting customers and building teams is tough, marketing tools are expensive, and most people don’t like trying to sell products; especially if they hold only marginal value.

Out of his understanding and resolve, Mr. Mufareh created a new business model with clean, fresh, and affordable products that does not require its entrepreneur members to sell or recruit.  It’s a business everyone can be proud of and a business that can be left to families as an inheritance.  And with this new model came the online marketing paradigm shift that is ONPASSIVE. We will explode onto the scene in such a way that the world will take notice. 

The first outward and digitally tangible manifestation of the new model came in the creation of GoFounders.  As a platform to house tools for Founding Members, it was a stand-alone utility launched in 2018. Considered the top 1% of the company, all Founders are members of GoFounders and use the platform to stay in touch with each other and the company, as well as to invite others to join as Founders. GoFounders was integrated into the single ONPASSIVE Database during the first weeks of 2020.

About the same time the conceptual development of new, core AI technologies, a host of digital products, and some pretty radical ideas for other break-through technologies also came about.  Some of these ideas are still currently under development and have only recently been shared privately through GoFounders events.  We are not a secret company but, as a new and promising breed of Information Technology (IT) Company, we have very good reasons to keep ONPASSIVE’s development private.

There are three main things ONPASSIVE recognizes and seeks to address through the GoFounders platform.   For a hundred different reasons, people get distracted. We know this and accept it as a part of life.  Consequently, GoFounders has a back-office complete with its own social media so our Community, which includes ONPASSIVE Staff, can easily minimize the duration of distractions while encouraging our community to focus on our vision and contribute to the community.  The energy of the back-office is unsurpassed as the communication that flows throughout reflects many levels of creativity and enthusiasm.

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Despite what we have all learned about online business structure from years of participation, ONPASSIVE is an Information Technology (IT) Company built with teams. It is not an MLM of any sort and does not consider there to be an upline or downline structure. Rather, each Founder has teams. But the MLM-thing is a tough nut to “crack” for people brought up in old-school internet. For this reason, GoFounders expects and encourages teams to stay close. So much so that, GoFounders is a permanent structure for use as a legacy (inheritance) for our kids AND our kids’ kids.  Through GoFounders we can get breaking news “on the fly” allowing us to mobilize mass communication very quickly.  This is especially useful for keeping our community abreast of change and to disseminate that information rapidly throughout the company.

This video discusses the start of ONPASSIVE; it’s Vision, CEO, and GoFounders platform. This video is of the first of a new video series, “The ONPASSIVE Movement”, that discusses everything about ONPASSIVE. Information in the series forms the foundation of the next ONPASSIVE Public Webinar. The next video in this series will talk about the Founder and benefits, marketing, and the ecosystem.

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