Show me the money

Here we discuss automation, traffic, residual income, subscriptions, and include an explanation for partial commission structure.  

ONPASSIVE’s AI technology, kind a like our nervous system, supports every component of ONPASSIVE and serves to communicate to and through all that is ONPASSIVE. To clarify, ONPASSIVE creates its AI for developing and running its own products and services which are its own less costly, superior versions of every tool used for online marketing, and more.  This is to say that there are hundreds of tools available for online marketing and ONPASSIVE has created its own versions of them as well as some new combinations. 

If it’s needed for online marketing, we improved it or created it. If it’s not needed, we left it by the wayside. This means our products are renewed, freshly developed, and superior to those otherwise available.  Furthermore, thanks to automation, the tools, and services we have are all synced into an ecosystem through AI so they seamlessly work together and are available to our customers under one roof at the lowest price on the globe. But, if you are not a buyer or re-seller with ONPASSIVE, you will not have access to anything in our system.

The AI technology running beneath the experience, so to speak, is not a retail product and is not for sale.  Rather, it’s part of the structure and the process, of nearly all of its products.  ONPASSIVE has created its technologies 100% from “scratch” and does not use any second-hand material or third-party contractors. For digital products, from scratch, it means we wrote the code.  If we were making wooden derby cars for scouts, it means we grew the trees.

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ONPASSIVE will provide targeted traffic for all member markets.  That’ll be done through the massive marketing campaigns [mentioned earlier] that begin with the pre-launch campaigns designed to attract Founders.  Additionally, guaranteed traffic will be available to ONPASSIVE to customers beginning with Level Two of the compensation plan, which is available for review in GoFounders.

Every resource included in a level is available to the active account holder on that level for the subscription price of that level. And each successively higher level provides more traffic and tools at that respective level. (It is important to note that traffic received by a customer as a benefit of being at a certain level, but who is not a re-seller, is solely for sales of products through that non-re-seller site and that traffic has nothing to do with Founders or their teams.) 

The targeted traffic provided by ONPASSIVE is obtained through multiple sources that include paid, in-house, and organic. But no matter what its origin, it’s paid for by ONPASSIVE for the benefits of our members thru the GoFounders fee or the various subscription levels purchased by our members. Its sources and modalities are to be completely transparent and are to be housed in the Back-office of GoFounders in ways useful to the marketer.

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Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns starting during the last phase of pre-launch will continue post-launch. Their purpose, however, changes from inviting Founders to attracting customers that will use ONPASSIVE’s products and services to build their businesses. These customers will be placed in the teams of Primary and Secondary Founders.

Residual income

NOTE: ONPASSIVE specially asked… months ago… that we NOT show a chart, typically referred to as a “matrix” that graphically outlines the expected pay levels for teams and their customers within GoFounders.  That chart is available in the back-office but should not be used outside of GoFounders.

That said…. ONPASSIVE is funded through subscriptions for products and services by its buyers and re-sellers to produce a monthly income.  Because ONPASSIVE has every right to choose how to compensate its members, that income is shared with re-sellers, which includes Founders, as compensation for ongoing work done to build the company by growing its subscription-base and according to agreements made prior to launch.

The compensation provided on any particular account is residual-for-life as based on the compensation table [which is available for review in GoFounders] as long as the account is active.  Inactive accounts will no longer be paid.  They include accounts that are not current regarding monthly subscription fees, and accounts that have been suspended or deleted.

At any rate, other than getting it, ONPASSIVE makes no guarantees concerning traffic or income. However, ONPASSIVE does guarantee to generate account-holder success and backs that with a 100%, money-back refund. ONPASSIVE will gently force you to succeed. Period.  If for any reason it does not meet that expectation, simply fill out a form to get your money back and it will be honored; no questions asked.

ONPASSIVE makes no guarantees concerning traffic or income. However, ONPASSIVE does guarantee to generate account-holder success and backs that with a 100%, money-back refund. ONPASSIVE will gently force you to succeed.

The ONPASSIVE Business and Pay Plan is revolutionary and has been created to ensure success for its members & longevity for the company with the following criteria:

To earn commissions in OnPassive, you must maintain an active subscription for each package that you purchase. These are the names and costs of the 4 subscription levels available: Affiliate Level-$25.00, Pro Level-$125.00, Leader Level-$250.00, and Master level-$500.00. The purchase of your packages can be done individually, all at once in sequential order, or through an automatic process using profits from your current active packages, as they become available. As you purchase a package, you are placed in the ONPASSIVE Pay Plan, for that particular package.

However, in all cases, everyone [including Founders] starts out in a free, seven-day trial period. As you may imagine, this trial provides free participation in the business for seven days. In other words, when a person wants to review the products in our Smart Business Solution, they’ll get a free 7-day trial. During that trial period, they will be added to the inviting Founder’s personal team. While in that team they’ll have the opportunity to receive sales from campaigns and accumulate the resultant commissions.

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However, they will not have access to those commissions until they have purchased the AFFILIATE package. Once they do the accumulated commissions will be released to them. If the free trial runs out and they have not activated that level, they will be moved to the “back of the line” so t speak, and then that spot will become available to someone else and the process runs again. Advancement into each higher package can be done manually by paying for, or “activating,” the next higher subscription, or automatically by allowing ONPASSIVE to access profits in the current active subscription to automatically advance you to the next higher package. If done automatically, once you have earned enough to advance to the next subscription, it will be immediately activated for you.

Disclaimer: Earnings can vary depending on individual effort. The income claims presented are not intended to serve as a guarantee of income; instead, they are designed to give you an idea of what is possible. As with any business, success with ONPASSIVE requires desire, hard work, commitment, and leadership.

IMPORTANT: Only the Top Three (Pro, Leader, & Master) subscriptions provide guaranteed daily traffic

  • FREE members advance to the AFFILIATE $ 25.00 Subscription
  • Level 1, w/3 members have a monthly payout of $6.00
  • Level 2, w/9 members, has a monthly payout of $27.00
  • Level 3, w/27 members have a monthly payout of $54.00
  • Members are paid at current and previous levels, so $87.00/month is paid.

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