Millions of workers are forced to avail of work from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and business leaders must do their jobs from home. Many companies have developed remote infrastructure rather than just looking for temporary exercise. To make employees work efficiently remotely, companies need to stick to a few rules. Apart from providing the best tech tools, creating great work to feel the office is required.

It will be challenging for companies to create an office environment when working from home. But IT giants like Microsoft, Google, and Unilever are running the best remote work culture through virtual mode. Let’s explore a few steps to build a great work culture.

#1. Shared leadership sense building

Delivering and tracking according to commitments is required, and pulling the team to grab the opportunities is far more critical. Your team members’ work-life becomes mechanical by assigning and delivering the work; you need to give them a chance to show their initiation. Involve your workforce in team activities. Example: Coach your employees in their expertise areas, or encourage them to participate in virtual teaming exercises. This will reduce the management burden and helps to groom your employees.

#2. Generate remote water cooler

Your employees will be missing robust debates, formal and informal conversations that contain generic and specific topics like tastes and movies. There is no physical office; hence your virtual water cooler plays a significant role. Creating a natural and office relevant environment is essential for workers to feel like a workplace. Encourage employees to create fun memes through various channels and give the chance to talk about everything or something. Announce happy work hours and encourage team rapport calls between managers and employees.

#3. Make adjustments & collect regular feedback

Companies don’t have much experience running virtual teams, hence taking the feedback regularly and writing down the feasible adjustment plans based upon their feedback. This will initiate a strong rapport among employees. You can explore your best productive areas by taking inputs from the employees. Regular feedback helps to reduce business friction and promises you keep moving forward.

#4. Enhance communication by using culture matching tools

When your team collaborates in the workplace, it needs to harmonize with your company culture, which you feel developing. Microsoft Teams and Slack will help to personalize your communication bypassing energetic vibes. Ensure that your team will be connected during their work hours. Sending only emails will not be sufficient; to make the best experience take video calls and video conversations.