SAAS Overview

What is SaaS?

Software as a Service“, is a cloud-based service. As an alternative to downloading software on your desktop to launch and update, you instead download an application via an internet browser.

There are merits as well as demerits. Some merits of SaaS are compatibility, accessibility, and operational management.

History of SaaS

These services’ primary objective is to provide computing power and database storage for large firms such as banks and big government organizations where they require large spaces to store massive data. Later, with the internet’s expansion in the 1990s, these businesses took a new shape with a new name called ASPs (Application Service Provider).

What is the role of ‘SaaS’ in today’s world?

Most ASPs focused on managing and hosting software of third-party software retailers. Since 2012 SaaS vendors typically started developing and managing their software.

Many early ASPs offered more traditional client-server software, which needs to be installed on the user’s personal computers SaaS solutions at present depend chiefly on the web and require a web browser for its functioning.

Future of SaaS? 

Connecting Applications: Firms with 50 employees or less have about 40 applications, while companies with over 1000 plus employees have over 200 SaaS applications. To link all of these applications, use their data, and provide qualitative services, our trend is to see more API providers’ activities and growth.  

Types of SaaS:


  • Horizontal SaaS solutions are generic, and they aim for as many clients and fields as possible. A good example is Salesforce.


  • Earlier, many SaaS solutions started as horizontal solutions, but there is a strong trend towards specialization and solving a specific business need called vertical SaaS.

Artificial intelligence: 

AI is no wonder in modern times. AI Technology has dominated the business world in an eye blink, opening up the impossible doors a decade ago and is undoubtedly the most pioneering technology in the current SaaS market. AI is developed to the extent that we can interact with AI-powered chatbots, prospecting, and much more.