Sunny Malex Achulifur - ONPASSIVE GOFounder

Good day to you all and a big WELCOME to all the new GoFounders. Special greetings and thanks to Sir Ash Mufareh and his tech team for keeping their word from the last webinar. News of a webinar to beta-test one of our products makes me feel like rushing forward to catch up with Thursday. Exciting news and times indeed.

There is no doubt that we have now stepped into the UNICORN territory having eclipsed 80,000 founding members. Keep your eyes wide open as you will soon see a DECACORN.

Please permit me to clear up this misconception. It is true that in this business we don’t have to recruit, and that the business is structured to run itself 100%.

The activities we are now performing by bringing in new GoFounders is called SPONSORING. It is not recruiting at all. The system will be recruiting for us after we launch. We are now simply sharing an amazing opportunity with family, love ones and friends.

While the $97 window is still there, let us use the POWER OF ONE again to sponsor just one more person each to double this thing before the end of this month. If you can’t sponsor someone, purchase another position for yourself. Personally, I think it will be much easier to sponsor one more person because the upcoming webinar will be energetic and explosive..

The POWER OF ONE will greatly benefit the entire community because we shall be making money but from numbers… It is all numbers game folks.. It is our business, let us play the game smarter.

The POWER OF ONE is powerful indeed. Try it.

WE ARE IN IT TO WIN IT 100% X 100%

Source: GoFounders Community