Gilbert Bawa

I quit my job about 5 years ago after I was introduced to the multi-level marketing industry. I saw a lot of potential in the industry and I knew I could become my own boss…

The road has been rough and smooth and I have not been able to achieve the financial freedom I desire yet.

Fortunately, for me, I was introduced to GOFOUNDERS/ONPASSIVE 3 weeks ago and as soon as I understood the vision of the company, I knew at that very moment that my REAL BREAKTHROUGH is finally here.

The products and services of the company was what caught my attention because it’s all about ICT solutions… The company is coming out with a complete digital marketing system with the latest technology (Artificial Intelligence) that everybody can use to build his or her business (online or offline) with ease, and at the same time earn money passively with the company. This is indeed a game-changer.

I’m blessed to be a founding member of this soon to be Unicorn Company.

God bless the CEO Ash Mufareh and his entire team for this great vision WE ARE IN IT TO WIN IT…..