Online Business

You in your business would have noticed it is just one percent of the cold calls that lead to a prospective appointment. The number cuts itself a sorry figure. It is a problem attached to the sales and marketing world over. Cold calls, unfortunately, lacks a personal touch for it to induce or woo customers to walk up to the appointment. In many cases, sales representatives do not offer anything the customer wants, as they do not know what they want.

But then, it is a different ball game altogether after incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into the sales process. AI can improve results by delivering customer insights to sales reps, ensuring they only contact interested individuals. It is a day and age where marketing and sales are more analytically and quantitatively driven. AI alone can improve lead quality, segmentation, and buyer-persona development, as well as more appropriately customize pricing and service.

ONPASSIVE AI for online business:

In fact, With ONPASSIVE AI-enabled account-based marketing platform, artificial intelligence can help in various ways. To put numbers into perspective, you can achieve 59 percent higher close rates for sales, 58 percent more revenue, 54 percent greater engagement, and eventually 52 percent higher conversion.

It is this reason alone that International Data Corporation has forecasted that the spending on AI could reach nearly $80 billion by 2022, exponentially growing from $35 billion in 2019. The prospective hidden ROI  is too high for any businesses, from retail to finance to healthcare, to ignore.

With other AI-powered tools, people try AI to boost operational efficiency and automate the routine process. But with ONPASSIVE’s AI-Enabled tools, you can give your business an edge over your competitors’ by channeling the AI technology’s ability to empower people to work faster and smarter in marketing and sales verticles. AI is more than machine automation; it is human augmentation.

Success with AI:

You can hitch a ride on the back of success only when your marketing and sales teams align; there is an added focus on improving efficiency and define expectations for their AI-powered platform. Always think beyond automation and remember you are utilizing AI to retain more customers.

The AI you have implemented in your business should revolve around enhancing the customer experience (CX), be it through personalized content or more targeted offers.  

Personalized content is the Emperor:

Content marketing is considered as the most effective digital technique, and AI plays an integral part in making it better. It is for this reason 80 percent of marketers believe that personalized content is more effective than impersonal content.

AI enables the sales and marketing teams to quickly and accurately analyze all of their data; you can concentrate on customer satisfaction and segmentation by sending them more relevant offers.  It is the personalization of content that wins the day for sales and marketing at the end of it.

At the end of it, AI will help the marketing and sales in the days to come, so long as companies and businesses continue focusing on customer experience and how to solve their most urgent demands. Artificial intelligence is about machines partnering with humans and not to replace them. Continually learning and improving is a never-ending process for both humans and AI.   

You can achieve all of the points mentioned above with ONPASSIVE’s AI-powered smart business solutions for online business.