Arthur Harts - Onpassive Founder

Be the Best Version of Yourself. Be the kind of person that you want to be around.

The idea behind the Quote:

What kinds of people do you like and want to be around?

Negative or Positive people?

Healthy people or unhealthy people?

Energy-Producers or Energy Drainers?

Happy people or sad people?

Generous people or stingy people?

Committed people or compliant people?

People with good attitudes or people with bad attitudes?

Who strives to live with a Spirit of Excellence or people who just want to do enough to get by?

People who make miracles happen or people who are always in need of a miracle to make it?

People, who believe in you or people who doubt you?

People, who care about you or people who only care about themselves?

People who encourage you and lift you or people who discourage you and lean on you?

People, who love you for you or people who love you because you are like them?

Transformational people (always wanting to change for the better, a thought process of constant and never-ending improvement), or transactional people (they only want to be around you if you do something for them, like a product exchange)?

These are big questions! The choice of who you want to be around is up to you. The kind of people you will be about is a direct reflection of yourself.

ONPASSIVE IN It to Win It!! The right people and the right choice!