AI Messaging Apps

What’s the first thing you do when you open your eyes in the morning? If the answer to that question is checking on your phone, then you are one among the 80% of smartphone users in the world. Smartphones have changed our lives for good. From playing games to booking your new car, everything is at your fingertips. With the demand for change in smartphone technology increasing, implementing a rapidly emerging technology – Artificial Intelligence to smartphones has come to light. 

AI technology powers smartphones with advanced functionalities from entertainment to providing security and monitoring requirements of users. Chatbots and predictive analysis are fulfilling business requirements too. Let us how AI messaging apps and chatbots are helping smartphones become smarter. 

Rise of Artificial intelligence and Chatbots in Mobile Apps

Maximise the Benefits of Messaging Apps: 98% of smartphones users send texts every day. Text messaging has become a new way of conversation. Texting has improved over the past few years, from pressing a keypad button 3-4 times to type a letter to swiping and autocorrect, many ways helped us faster and easier texting. Today, we have chatbots which can be readily integrated to make messaging apps more engaging. Chatbots can also help custom business mobile app by enhancing the messaging feature.

Personalization & Cost-effective: Building a chatbot that can perform and handle business requirements will save you a lot. Artificial intelligence chatbots can answer queries of several users at a time without pressure. It can learn quickly and be more effective the next time. They can make a conversation more engaging. Along with increasing the engagement rate, mobile developers can take advantage of personalisation. With data about their customers, it is easier to recognise customer behaviour pattern and provide accurate recommendations.

Reducing the Number of Apps: Won’t you feel it annoying when you can’t find the app even after scrolling endlessly down your app drawer? Chatbots can help in reducing the number of apps we use. Almost all the websites and apps we use every day are just a collection of information. Imagine if all that information can be grouped into one app. For instance, services, like booking air tickets and hotel rooms or buying tickets to the movies, can be done with the help of a single app.

App Marketing and Social Media Linking: Chatbots can link with a user’s social media account. These AI integrated software can help to handle your social media account and enhance your activities on social media. It is easy to get real-time demographics with the help of a chatbot. These demographics can be used to build a robust marketing strategy for your business. You can handle the online presence of your business right from your smartphones effectively. AI helps in gathering essential marketing data and reduces errors.

To conclude, there are already millions of things that can be done using a smartphone, with the help of AI, we can expect a radical change in smartphone technology. Automated responses from chatbots that can text people to call back after a few minutes while you are driving, sending best wishes to your friends on their special days and getting your business responses automated can be done easily with the help of artificial intelligence.