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21 Nov 2019
2 Min read

The Road to Success

I started to walk the road of Success as a Founder last year in October hand in hand with my sponsor who introduced me to this Once in a Life Time Opportunity straight from the Cape of Good Hope

Hand in hand because since that day she always stood by me and her entire team. Teaching us about the system, products, services, the technology and because of that, Today I CAN talk about the ONPASSIVE Company with Confidence, therefore I introduced others myself and paid my share of contribution to Our Wonderful Community. I am proud to be a Founding member.

Just to be a Founder its worth a million dollars. But using the high tech unique products, tools, services, and the systems which are created for us using the Future AI Technology, now this is mind-blowing. 

ALL Done for Me and You. 

I would like to send a BIG Thank you to Mr. Ash Mufareh, our CEO and thank him to make it happen. Our Dreams is already a Reality.

I would also like to say Thank you to my sponsor Eva Farbas for everything she has done for us.


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