International Animation Day

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a developing technology making our lives proficient with its unique qualities. AI and machine learning are improving the business world by helping them explore various new tools and solutions. Several industries are leveraging AI to streamline their business operations, and animation is one of them. 

This new technology is enhancing the creativity of the animators and helping animators improve their skills. AI animation had humble beginnings, but it can do extraordinary things in the current scenario. Let us celebrate International Animation Day by understanding the usage of AI in the field and what we can expect from AI animation in the future. 

How is AI Used in Animation?

It was during the mid-2000s when AI systems were introduced in the animation process for movie production. Several renowned production houses, including Pixar, used machine learning and AI algorithms to generate 3D models of their characters for better portrayal on the screen. 

Animation processes utilize AI techniques to automate and streamline various tasks that include designing unique animated characters, stimulating facial expressions and gestures for animated characters, generating realistic backgrounds and environments, and guiding camera movements to plan a scene layout. AI is helping animators to focus more on creativity in order to improve their quality of work. 

AI and other advanced technologies are helping creative workers expand their spectrum of work. There are several mechanization devices that allow animators to perform their jobs better with the help of artificial intelligence. 

Benefits of Utilizing AI for Animation

There are several advantages of using artificial intelligence in the animation process. Let us discuss a few of them. 

  • Reduced Costs

AI automates several tasks in the animation process that help in reducing labor costs and the overall cost of production. AI is becoming a financially feasible option for studios that produce high-quality animated content. 

  • Enhanced Productivity

AI automation can help animators streamline their time-consuming tasks, which can help them be more efficient and productive in their work. AI algorithms are even used for scene layouts and camera movements, which help animators focus on more critical aspects of their work. 

  • Improved Visual Effects

AI is helpful in creating more realistic and lifelike visual effects (VFX). Animated movies and commercials leverage AI technology to create high-quality visual effects. AI is also beneficial to produce live-action sequences or other animated content. 

Future of AI-Powered Animation

Animation is utilizing Artificial Intelligence in most of the tasks, but eventually, AI will be grabbing most of the animation work. Animators are leveraging AI and machine learning to enhance their quality of work, but soon, there will be a time when there will be a complete animated movie conceptualized by AI. 

The animation industry is prominently using AI with the help of big data in the media and entertainment industry. AI is helping innovative artists to focus on extra entrancing things. In the future, AI-based calculations will become fit for mechanizing the delivery of cutting-edge enhanced visualizations. 

ONPASSIVE Embracing The Future

Innovative technologies are transforming the business landscape, and ONPASSIVE is embracing the latest technologies to keep up with the future. The company is leveraging the latest technologies to develop unique AI-powered tools and solutions that various small and large enterprises can utilize.

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Wrap Up

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are increasingly becoming vital parts of the world of animation. AI is helping animators to enhance their focus on the creative aspects of their work. The growth of animation with AI is producing a huge amount of interesting and fascinating works, encouraging animators to explore more with this technology. 

Artificial Intelligence is modifying our businesses in a way that was never imagined. This innovative technology is breaking limits in the field of animation and developing new ways of improvement. 

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