Business Automation with ONPASSIVE

Running one business is challenging. What if said that you could run multiple ventures at the same time?

Several people out in the world have multiple ideas of potential business, and they want to utilise these ideas into reality. Successfully running two companies can be hard enough to structure and manage.

In this article, we will cover how ONPASSIVE tools are helping business people to handle multiple businesses alongside:

Project and Task Management: ONPASSIVE platform enables a venture to manage their project with efficiency by assigning the different task to the teammates, which helps in streamlining of the process.

Track Your Progress: ONPASIVE comes with an intuitive user interface and chart to keep the record of your progress, your business will never run behind and will stay track, granting you extra time to focus on another venture.

Maintaining Accountability: Data has a lot of value for any business and managing data can be daunting, ONPASSIVE platform helps you create a report and analyze the customer or business data that allows a company to develop further business strategies.

Check-List: Creating a checklist is easy, but following it is difficult. ONPASSIVE provides you with the cloud-based to-do list, which helps a business person to manage a personal or assigned list which helps in integration whenever required.

Headhunting Potential Employees: ONPASSIVE platform helps a business to recruit employees for the open position. You can enter your requirement and track jobs continuously till you find the best candidate for your companies’ specific need.

Real-time Tracking: When you are running multiple businesses, keeping track of progress is difficult, where ONPASSIVE tools have a real-time progress tracking system which allows you to balance your business effectively.

Employee Management: Hiring employees is not the last task, tracking their progress, scheduling shifts, and providing information to the employee is also difficult sometimes. ONPASSIVE platforms staff manager tool made this easy to manage and maintain.

Business Planning: Business planning is an essential part of business management. You will be able to create and analyze your business plan so that you can share it with the investors. ONPASSIVE platform helps you create a pitch on the probability of business survival which helps in crowdfunding.

Website Builder: Having a website is essential for any business, but now when more of the search happens over the mobile phone, having a mobile optimized website is crucial. ONPASSIVE website builder tool helps a company to create an optimized website using templates quickly and efficiently. 

Choosing the best tools to run a business is hard and expensive because you need to subscribe to different tools available in the market. Fortunately, ONPASSIVE platform provides you with all these tools and many more under the same roof.

One platform with all the tools empowers a venture to run and manage multiple businesses at the same time successfully. So don’t be shy: make sure to check out ONPASSIVE to embrace the success.