People are ready for something to work for them in making money online. With the current state of the world being in quarantine, the need is even more evident than a few months ago.

ONPASSIVE is in the last phase of pre-launch and will soon reveal to the world a Smart Business Solution that will revolutionize the online world and make it possible for anyone to be successful.

It does not matter what the experience level is the ONPASSIVE Platform provides everything you need to be successful in one place. That makes it much more convenient and reduces costs drastically over what is available to the consumer today.

Most people do not like being forced to do something, but I don’t think anyone minds if you get forced to be successful in your business. ONPASSIVE’s Smart Business Solution that uses proprietary AI technology does that for every customer.

What does the system provide to its clients:

  • An effortless system that builds customers for you
  • It forces you to be successful without any special skills
  • Directs targeted traffic for you to your websites
  • Brands your business name, not ONPASSIVE’s
  • All the tools to scale your business to whatever size you desire
  • Sharing profits with customers via a Revolutionary Compensation Plan

How do you get started building your future? You can join the winning team and lock your position today!

It only takes a few minutes to register to become a Founder with ONPASSIVE through the GoFounders program.

The fee to become Founder grants you access to the back office of the GoFounders website after signing the NDA.

Benefits include tools to start building your team before the launch, private webinars, communication with other Founders and leadership, and many more perks like company-sponsored campaigns exclusive to the Founders.

Take action and invest in your future by securing your place in history and join the others who see the vision of our CEO Mr. Ash Mufareh.