Successful businesses spend lots of time to build a conversion funnel. The end goal is to attract prospective buyers and keep them moving down the funnel, offering diverse content at every step. Hence, prospects move through the sales funnel from initial awareness all the way to convert into a sale.

Video ads are among the most appealing and shareable ways to drive prospects through each marketing funnel stage. Setting up the appropriate video in front of a suitable person and at the right time needs a solid understanding of prospective buyers and these types of videos that work best at every stage of the conversion funnel.

What is a marketing conversion funnel?

conversion funnel extensively guides a consumer through the purchase journey. When you imagine a funnel, you usually envision an object narrow at the bottom and complete at the top. It is implemented to guide someone or something through a small opening. A marketing conversion funnel works similarly: Leads flow into your funnel, and a less number come out from the other end, having purchased your product or service. You might begin with a thousand leads at the top half, and that number keeps shrinking, perhaps resulting in very few customers at the bottom.

Why set up a conversion funnel?

When you thoroughly understand what you want and your prospective buyers to do next, it’s much simpler to get them to do it. To build a conversion funnel can be long and complicated, so it’s essential to keep your end goal in mind. From the tip of the sales funnel to the bottom of it, nearly 76% of marketers state that it has considerably helped them boost their traffic. 

Rather than doing guesswork and off-the-cuff efforts, a conversion funnel presents intended, deliberate advancement towards a well-defined goal. If you try to sell your products/services to prospective buyers instantly, they are more likely to say no. If you try to sell them once you’ve built trust, you have a much greater possibility of them purchasing your product/service. If they’ve purchased once, they’re likely to buy from you again.

Four stages of the conversion funnel

To build a conversion funnel, you must remember the following 4 stages:

● Awareness – your prospective buyers come face to face of a problem and start researching about it.

● Consideration – your prospects have a definite idea of the obstacles and begin evaluating the options available to address it.

● Conversion – your prospective buyers have made up their minds that you provide the best solution to their concerns.

● Loyalty and advocacy – you continue to grow trust among your consumers, and they continue their support by referring your brand to others.


Top of the funnel video ads

This is where businesses can immediately impact probable buyers, so it’s arguably the most crucial part of the funnel! If you don’t impress people here, then you can lose them even before their journey starts. At this initial stage, possible buyers have a concern or a requirement that you have the answer to, but they’re just not aware of who you are yet. 

Therefore, your end goal is to boost your brand awareness and demonstrate your product/service quickly and engagingly by creating short and compelling video ads. You must stand out from the immense noise created in the video marketing world and shout: “Hey! Look, I have the solution for you!” Here are a couple of video ads that are perfect for doing just that!

● Pre-roll ads 

The digital world is a pretty busy and fast-moving place. So those ideal consumers who aren’t aware of who you are will be unlikely to stumble upon you unexpectedly. It would be best if you reached out to them. A pre-roll ad is an excellent way to boost brand awareness because of the incredible targeting abilities to display your message in front of the right audience. With pre-roll ads, you don’t have much time to excite the viewer’s interest – so your video ads must be direct and eye-catchy. 

● Social media ads 

Just like the pre-roll video ads, social media video ads will display your product, brand, or service in front of the right audience. Social media video ads have all the equivalent targeting abilities like pre-rolls where you can sort down by age, gender, location, occupation, interests, and more with the bonus of being shareable. 

Final thoughts

Starting with the two different types of video ads mentioned above, you can build a conversion funnel with video marketing at the top. Always remember your end objective, and your target audience is to help you shape your conversion funnel. Once you build a conversion funnel, it becomes simpler to find innovative ideas to attract brand-new consumers and retain the existing ones. Using video ads throughout your conversion funnel makes it more straightforward for customers to move down the path to purchase. Video ads create more brand loyalty, a richer experience, and a higher possibility of converting satisfied customers into advocates for your brand.