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Customer experience and customer satisfaction are becoming increasingly crucial for businesses than ever because they are the primary factors that influence the final decision of any customer with a particular business or a brand. Therefore, providing an extraordinary customer experience has become the ultimate objective for many businesses in recent times, especially due to increasing competition in the business world. 

Integrating the right technologies into various business processes and designing solid customer service strategies has become crucial for companies to establish a strong business value in the market and among customers. 

There are multiple channels and platforms available for businesses to interact with their customers, and most organizations these days are using a multichannel approach to reach and engage with their potential customers. However, many companies will have a dedicated support team or call center to address and resolve customer queries. 

The Growth Of Video Chat Support 

As receiving customer queries and providing required support across various platforms have become more popular these days, integrating video chat solutions have become more popular since the global pandemic hit the world. Therefore, many companies are coming up with video-enabled call centers to provide personalized customer support and resolve their issues quickly and more efficiently.

Enabling video chat in customer support allows businesses to bridge the gap between themselves and customers by providing a personalized customer experience. This makes it more popular as most of the customers prefer personalized services these days.

Major Benefits Of Integrating Video Chat In Customer Support 

Businesses should always find innovative ways to enhance their customer experience and utilize the power of technology and the right kind of strategies to provide them with top-notch customer support.

The following are a few significant benefits of integrating video chat in customer support or using video-enabled call centers for their business:

  • Provide Real-Time Customer Support 

As most customers prefer personalized services, integrating live video chat in customer support acts as an excellent way for businesses to enhance their services and enable them to provide a personalized and real-time experience to customers in addressing and resolving their queries. 

In addition, video-based customer support enables the executives to identify and resolve customer queries more efficiently through face-to-face interactions, which ultimately leads to increased customer satisfaction.

  •  Increases First Contact Resolution (FCR)

Video chat enables the support agents to provide quick resolutions to customer queries as the support team can clearly understand the issues faced by the users. When the customer support team clearly understands customer queries, they can quickly explain and guide customers to resolve them.

While the traditional customer service calls would be more challenging to resolve, video-based customer support increases the first contact resolution rate.

  • Maximize Business Revenue 

Implementing video-based customer support can directly impact your sales and allow your customer support team to identify new upsell and cross-sell opportunities. 

During a phone interaction, it’s not easy for the support agents to move beyond the customer’s initial issue. But video chat empowers your agents to observe context, establish and develop a strong rapport and even demonstrate new products as a natural part of the conversation, thereby boosting your revenue growth.

  • Providing  Call Record Option For Further Improvements 

Integrating video support across all your customer support channels will help increase the operational efficiency of your business as it enables the team to record every video interaction with customers. 

The recorded calls can be analyzed and used for future references, which helps businesses identify any drawbacks and improve their customer service further to increase their customer satisfaction levels.

In addition, these recordings can also be used to train new customer support teams while enabling them to humanize every interaction with customers.

  •  Cost Reduction 

Live chat support helps businesses to balance between reducing additional costs while not compromising on their functionalities. It is a great feature to integrate into customer support, and it increases customer satisfaction by allowing the support agents to provide more advanced and personalized support to customer requests.

Therefore, video support is a great option to Save your travel costs, as agents no longer need to visit the customers on the field except for technical assistance and allows them to hold customers towards completing a transaction while providing product demonstrations. 


Many businesses are transforming their customer support by adding video chat support to provide video-based customer service solutions. This allows for better interaction between the agents and customers and allows the team to provide customized support to users with a better mutual understanding.

Therefore, the efficiency and increasing adaptability of video-based customer service is revolutionizing the customer service of a business, thereby increasing the overall customer experience.

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