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This is more than just a number. I believe this is a motivator for some of us who are not great salespeople. I can motivate and inspire, but closing is my problem.  That being said, 74,000 is a huge motivator! That number will change lives once the launch happens.  

I know that to be true, but I have not figured out how to explain what that number will really mean upon Launch, I can know that those numbers will affect all of us in a monetary way, but I cannot wait to be able to say,  “Something bug, and basically out of my control is happening right now.  

All I can really say is that I hope the people I speak to will catch the excitement and be motivated to jump in and get a piece of the pie. 

I am in it to win it.

It will mean that I can help change lives.
It will mean that the few years I have left can be an experience in freedom.
It will mean that I will be able to retire in my 2nd retirement, and not have to have a boss ever again other than God. 

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