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You are God sent

Ash, thank you for not leaving one child behind on the Planet.

The world will never be the same again with ONPASSIVE thy “O” way of life.

Everyone will have a share of the pie, and that’s the sweetest way to deliver and redeem humanity.

The fact is money isn’t the source, but it’s the answer to solutions.

We are in it to WIN it.

My Prime Minister Rt. Hn. James Marape, in his inaugural speech, said,

#we will make PNG the richest black Christian nation on planet earth. I literally heard Ash Quote that when he mentioned that in your last webinar.

#also he said we would take back PNG, and am seeing that’s happening with founders growing every day

#He also said we would leave no child, no mother, no widow, no orphanage, no old age, and no one behind hence the SPIRIT if ONPASSIVE.

I am not surprised; the sacrifices and the price has been paid. You are the man of the hour PNG will relay behind Mr. Mufareh and ONPASSIVE NATION.

I will write up a short testimony next time. Keep an eye out.

We are truly in it to WIN it.

God bless

Nathaniel Kupp