“Life is a series of forks in the road. On your journey, every road is a decision; every fork is a choice. Enjoy the trip.” ~Jeanie Marshall  

Forks in the road allow us the opportunity to make decisions. 

When we want to stay on a road, we must choose whether to continue forward, turn to the left or right, or turn around. We can make other choices, also.

Rarely do we travel on a perfectly straight line from one point to another.  Hills and curves and bumps make the trip more interesting.  Stops encourage us to pause and then look both ways before moving.  Scenery gives texture to the travel. 

Sometimes we must make a decision swiftly, and other times we can pause to ponder the choice and let others pass us. We can even turn around and start again.

If you are not sure which way is the “right way,” make a choice and then make your choice “right.”  Or make a new choice.

Enjoy the ride!   Make this a Choice Day!