Marius Wlassak


RULE NO 1. *There is a Price to Pay.*

RULE NO 2. *There is Time to Give.*

RULE NO 3. *There is Patience to Observe.*

RULE NO 4. *There is a Seed to Sow.*

RULE NO 5. *There is Education to Acquire.*

RULE NO 6. *There is a Process to Follow.*

RULE NO 7. *There are Principles to Obey.*

RULE NO 8. *There is Cause for Alarm when you are Poor.*

RULE NO 9. *Nothing Ventured … Nothing Gained*

RULE NO 10. *Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit.*

RULE NO 11. *The Road to Success is for all people with Faith.*

RULE NO 12. *Poverty is a Risk and Wealth is a Risk.* *Choose yours!* 

RULE NO 13. *The More the analysis the More the paralysis (analysis causes paralysis).*

RULE NO 14. *Financial Freedom is not a chance it’s a choice.* *Make the RIGHT choice* 

RULE NO 15. *Your Destiny is in Your Hands.*

*Success is a process*

*Financial Freedom is Possible for YOU if Only YOU would play by the RULES!*

To your Success,

Marius Wlassak

From the top of all endeavors…