Tips to Integrate Email Marketing and Social Media Strategies

Although Email marketing and social media marketing are different in nature, both are considered the most powerful marketing tools and have their own unique characteristics. With high competition in the digital marketing space, customers these days are expecting a multi-channel experience. 

Marketers can combine the most effective email marketing and social media channels to yield the best possible results. This is considered a holistic approach to marketing, and most businesses are following this strategy to be successful in their marketing efforts.

Email Marketing vs Social Media Marketing 

Email marketing refers to sending marketing emails to the targeted people via email who opted or subscribed to receive your emails. This type of marketing helps businesses to nurture leads and guide them through the digital marketing sales funnel. Marketers can also send personalized messages through email marketing to establish a strong relationship with the audience.

Social Media Marketing, on the other side, refers to the process of marketing or promoting brands across social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. However, the content needs to be tailored according to the requirement of each social media platform to ensure maximum engagement and boost lead generation.

When both email marketing and social media marketing are combined, marketers can create a successful digital marketing strategy as both these channels are powerful and yield the best results in the marketing efforts. 

Smart ways to Incorporate your Email Marketing and Social Media Strategies

The following are a few of the effective tactics that can be used to integrate these two powerful marketing channels for better marketing results:

Transform Emails into Social Media Campaigns 

It is ideal to run a campaign specifically designed to promote social media channels in order to maximize your social reach. This is one of the great tactics as it helps businesses to grow their followers exponentially. 

An email newsletter template, for example, can be used across all the social media platforms with a short copy and eye-catchy visuals to convey a clear message to the audience or readers asking them to subscribe.

Grow your Email List through Social Media 

Another great way to leverage the power of social media is to encourage your social media followers to sign up for your mail list. This can be achieved in many ways, and using Facebook’s call to action button is the best way. 

Marketers can turn the Facebook CTA button into a newsletter sign-up button to get your target group to join your mailing list. Twitter’s lead generation cards can also be used to collect the target group’s email addresses directly. This is one of the straightforward ways to get Twitter users to sign up to your mailing list with just a click of a button. 

Add Social Media Buttons in Email Marketing Campaign 

One of the most common social media and email marketing integration practices is to include social media buttons in an email marketing campaign. Adding these buttons enables your subscribers to communicate with you across multiple channels. 

Allowing them to directly connect across social media channels maximizes your brand followers and increases engagement with your content. This helps establish your brand’s credibility and increase visibility while skyrocketing your number of followers. 

Upload your List on Social Media Platforms 

Another great way to integrate your email and social media marketing strategies are to upload your subscriber list on social platforms. These lists can be used to follow subscribers on social media, personalize your customer experience, and enables you to run promoted social media campaigns.

Twitter’s audience tool can also be used to gather information on audience interest and preferences and create personalized campaigns for better engagement. 

Enable Social Sharing of your Emails 

Email marketing enables marketers to create campaigns to motivate subscribers to click on CTA. However, expanding the reach of your emails helps you increase your conversion rate, and social media helps get better marketing results. 

Social sharing of emails brings marketers and businesses extra visibility. Therefore allowing subscribers to share email content plays a crucial role in allowing you to access industry-related peers while effectively increasing your click-through rate. 

These smart ways of integrating email and social media marketing allow businesses to provide a better customer experience while increasing their conversion rate and provides them with a strong marketing strategy.


By using a holistic approach in digital marketing efforts, businesses can deliver a multi-channel experience to customers enhancing their overall marketing campaign. Therefore, businesses need to utilize the power of two strong marketing channels, namely email marketing and, social media marketing and integrate them to boost the customer life cycle and, overall marketing endeavours.