Facebook is one of the most influential and popular social media platforms increasing daily, with numerous active users. Bloggers and entrepreneurs are investing in Facebook, understanding its importance. 

Ensure to share unique content on Facebook since it brings you more potential customers and enhances publicity. Let's learn the new features and integrations for the Facebook business page that help you promote your business effectively. 

Optimize the Facebook page layout, apps, and tabs

Try to add a compelling mix of features to every page you handle to help your potential customers and followers get more value from the business's Facebook presence. 

Select effective name

Selecting effective for your Facebook Business Page name is essential since it is permanent. Ensure that the Facebook page title is the most important in the eyes of google. 

Try to select a brandable name representing your business and shows its personality. This is how the Facebook Business page work. 

Make your vanity URL unique

Never use dynamic URLs that are automatically generated when signing up. It is easy to personalize your address on Facebook and unify it with your brand name.

As long as your Facebook vanity URL matches the page's title, your brand recognition will improve. Furthermore, personalization will significantly increase your page's visibility in both Facebook search and search engine results.

Ensure you fill out the profile

Update your profile with an attractive cover photo, bio, and complete, up-to-date information. A full profile shows your professional attitude, and this shows the audience that you are engaged. Always aim for consistency across all of your social media platforms and Ensure that the key visuals match. 

Using the right voice and tone, create your marketing personas and improve your communications with your target audience.  

Create an accurate about us section

The truth is that your visitors want to know all there is to know about your company: where it is located, what services it provides, what hours it is open, and so on. As a result, give them all the information they need. The "About Us" section is an excellent opportunity to highlight the values and benefits that your products or services can provide to customers. Like the Meta Description, you'll need a succinct description [you get 155 characters] to appear correctly in the search engine snippet on both desktop and mobile. Make sure you choose a category that is relevant for you:

  • Local business or place
  • Organization, company, or institution
  • Product or Brand 
  • Artist, public figure, or brand
  • Entertainment
  • Community or cause

Provide a concise description of your business by utilizing accurate wording (including targeted keywords).

Make sure you add the URL of your website or landing page within the short description, as this enhances the findability of the particular offer or content.

Consider keywords strategically to your business page

Optimizing for keywords is also essential, even for social media; ensure that your targeted ones are placed in the most critical areas of your page. Feature them in the URL, page title, and "About Us" section since they will be visible on the home page and appear in search results.

Also, ensure that the page name corresponds with the title tag and that the short description works as your meta description. Remember not to overuse keywords; include the top six and mention them in the proper context naturally. 

Provide contact details and addresses on your Facebook page

On the top page of Facebook, the current design displays your business category, location, phone number, and business hours. As a result, double-check that your street address, city, state, zip code, and local phone number are all correct. Including your address helps index your brand for local search results and increasing page following, and Google gives pages with specific contact information more attention.

Make Facebook posts as optimized as possible

In SERPs, the first 18 characters of each of your Facebook posts act as the meta title and description. Therefore, whenever you post on Facebook, please share the content or upload pictures, and make sure to include a description.

New Features you should consider

Facebook is constantly introducing innovative, valuable features that will help you manage your business more efficiently. Maintain an eye on any new features that emerge and integrate them as soon as they become available to keep your page well-optimized.

On Facebook, there is a call to action.

The call to action buttons for Facebook Pages, adopted in December 2014, is worth noticing. People can quickly interact with your business page thanks to the call to action. You can select the most appropriate location for your sort of business and lead your followers there. There are seven different sorts of acts on the list:

  • Book now - restaurant reservations or hotel

Sign up - webinar sign-up page, or mailing list, join the tool. 

  • Use App
  • Contact Us - contact form
  • Play game
  • Shop now - e-commerce store
  • Watch video

Messenger for Businesses 

Facebook officially announced Messenger for Business, allowing users to communicate directly with companies. Customers can already have a personal, real-time discussion with some firms in the United States.

Payments made using Facebook

Facebook's Messenger app, available on both mobile and desktop, now has a payment capability. You can pay with a debit card, and the most significant part is that Facebook won't charge you.

Replies that have been saved

Furthermore, Facebook is presently testing a new feature called "Saved Replies," which would allow company page managers to use templates to speed up dialogue. This will save you time by reducing the number of customer service requests you receive. You can create a message and save it for later use with Saved Replies, and it will be accessed using the messaging interface and a specific message view. When the message appears, the Saved Replies section of the left sidebar will display, along with a button to "Manage Replies" at the bottom.

Prepare generic responses to all of your frequently asked queries and ensure that they are always personalized before sending.

This feature is aimed towards small businesses, such as startups and e-commerce stores that do not have access to helpdesk platforms.


Of all, Facebook's primary goal is to increase interaction and provide valuable and interesting material. As a result, adapt your language to your target audience, be genuine and approachable, and utilize new, straightforward language. These optimization suggestions will increase the visibility and user experience of your Facebook Business Page, both of which are critical to your success.