Small Business

The name of this blog topic indeed gives away the intent. Every business is in the pursuit of getting the best of marketing results by spending as little on advertising. Traditional media, such as print media, is usually expensive and is mostly not considered the best for small businesses. So what’s the solution. With this blog, we bring you a few tips to get the best return from your advertising expenditure.

Invest in Google Adwords:

Infuse Google Adwords in your business. For a fraction of your daily traditional advertising budget, you can reap the best return through Google Adwords. Focus on specific industry-related keywords of your business to get the highest possible click-through rates and in-turn conversions. Google Adwords indeed is a trick that small businesses should use in their business.

Try Facebook Ads:

Facebook Ads are highly successful as it allows small businesses to target specific demographics and open those customers directly, which otherwise are hard to reach. Here too, a small amount of budget is required, which would yield spectacular results. With Facebook Ads, you can tap into your targeted consumers effectively. Despite customers not making the purchases immediately, they would end up liking your business and could become a regular follower.

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StumbleUpon Ads:

You could also rely on StumbleUpon as a replacement for advertising in a low budget. Costing as little as $0.05 a click, you could get 100 unique visitors to your site for just $5. StumbleUpon is an excellent way to advertise contests, giveaways, and big promotions. Add to it, if your promoted content gets popular and receives a lot of ‘likes,’ you could start receiving free traffic, which continues even after you have stopped advertising.

Online Publishing:

Another great tip is to relay on online publishing. Posting or submitting articles on topics your customers are interested in reputed websites is a good practice. Adding a couple of backlinks to your website helps you receive the potential traffic leading to your business. It could also establish you as an expert in your field. Bank on customer feedback about their needs and write about it.

Local Listings:

Small businesses usually ignore signing up for free services like Google Places, Bing Local, and Yahoo Local. We recommend you to take advantage of people searching for business locally in and around your area.

Bank on Influential Bloggers:

Another viable tip is to identify influential bloggers in your business area or industry and ask them to review your product or services. You could either provide a small fee for the blogger’s services or even give them a demo product for them to test it for you.

LinkedIn Ads:

LinkedIn Ads platform is a great way to reach your target audience belonging to specific geography, demographics, Job title, company, or LinkedIn group. LinkedIn allows you to create tailor-made ad copies in return for high conversion rates. In conclusion, despite advertising an essential part of any business, you don’t need to end up spending vast sums of money on it. If managed well, Online advertising is inexpensive and yet powerful enough to meet your goal of achieving miraculous results.

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