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We have recently obtained data from 1 million blog headlines and have trimmed down the data to gain the most informative insights obtained from this data. Headlines play a crucial role in the success and the visibility that a blog hopes to achieve. Basically, what we’re going to learn exactly what makes high-performing headlines work. By reading this, you can also make certain changes with the headlines of your blog, to get the best results possible.


So, without further do let us look into the major insights that we have learned through analyzing millions of blog headlines:

#1 – List Posts Are Viral

List posts have always been huge and they are the type of post which are most likely to be shared, up to 1000 times. These types of posts account for 5% of all blog posts ever written. So, one of the biggest takeaways for you is to start creating more list posts for your blog.

#2 – ‘You’ & ‘Your’ Gains Traction

Blog posts that utilize ‘You’ and ‘Your’ in the headline appeal to the user directly and are shared more frequently than other types of posts. So, we can analyze that content written from the second-person point of view, speaks directly to the reader of the blog. This will undoubtedly get shared even more, compared to posts with a first-person narrative.

#3 – Helping Your Readers Imagine A Better Life

People have an affinity towards amazing content whether it be something to learn for free or learn something new entirely. By using words such as ‘free,’ ‘giveaway’ and ‘how-to’ your readers will be more likely to share content with others.

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#4 – List-posts Performance Is Unmatched on Social Media

Based on our research the networks that reward list posts the most are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Compared to other platforms this type of content performs better on these sites than others.

#5 – Get Popular On Facebook With Video

At a point of time, Facebook was absolutely the most popular network featuring video content, and the only network that had the word included in its top headlines. This is most likely due to the fact that Facebook itself embeds videos directly in the news feed.

#6 – Headlines Should Be Customized For Each Social Network

Each network has its own audience and demographic, that must be catered to individually. Facebook and Pinterest tend to be more home-oriented, whereas Twitter and LinkedIn are more business-focused. Different audiences require unique and different types of content. Writing custom headlines for each social network works best as it caters to the specific audience rather than just sharing the same old post title on each network.

#7 – Reaching The Pinterest Audience Will Give You Massive Shares

Pinterest has commanded an astounding 90% of total shares, from 1000 headlines. Pinterest is absolutely huge  Of course, to reach the right audience you also need to have the right type of content for it to be easily scalable but if accomplished it can go above and beyond for your network.

#8 – Facebook Is Still Unbeatable

Apart from Pinterest, there are very popular networks that can help you out and Facebook still remains the most popular network for social sharing.  If you are looking for big shares, Facebook and Pinterest are the social networks that you need to pay close attention to.

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#9 – Want More Shares? Write Emotional Headlines

There are a direct correspondence and integral relation with the number of shares and the headline of the article. Emotional headlines directly translate to something called an EMV score, which enables your posts to get shared more compared to a post with a lower EMV score.

It is easily possible to use this technique in your headline to get more than 1,000 times shares. You can use this tactic on your posts and notice the results right away!


There are countless other techniques that you can also utilize such as quantification of emotional headlines, which will also be helpful.

In conclusion, based on the analysis that we have done across one million blog headlines utilizing these techniques will make your blog successful. Knowing how to use your knowledge and skills for big headlines and small headlines as a writer, can help you go a long way in making your blog or website more successful.

We hope you found this article useful in understanding just how valuable and important blog headlines are. The right kind of headline, that appeals to your lead or customer, will definitely work out well in your favor.

Good luck and thanks for reading!