Google rankings are part of business development; if the website contains duplicate content, it will affect the website immensely in terms of reputation. Using content from any other website without permission is not acceptable both online as well as offline. Google will penalize those Websites that use others content in their sites by lowering their ranks and may remove the site from the Google searches, hence ethical content marketing is essential.

In case any other site copies contents from your site without any permission it may result in you losing your web traffic to the third party site. Here we will discuss about tools that can help  identify duplicate contents to avoid the use of duplicate contents.

Let’s Define Duplicate Content:

The content which appears in more than one website is called as duplicate content or copied content. Similarly, if you publish your content in more than one place, it is also called copied content. Copying from other website or someone else copying from your site is also termed as a duplicate content.

Search engines search rapidly it will be challenging to determine which content is original as per the search query because all contents look similar. Search engines’ goal is to provide the original and unique contents to the audience hence Google tries to exclude duplicate contents from their search queries.

Some of the Reasons for Duplicate Contents:

Many websites intentionally never copy from other sites. Google refers to duplicate content as blocks of text that is identical across the domain. Deliberate duplication of contents is another matter for Google. When people search for some information, the same content appears in multiple sites then it will frustrate people. This is why Google discourages such kind of activities by lowering their website ranks.

Google Helps in Examining Duplicate Content

An easy way to check the existence of any duplicate content for your website would be to do a simple search of a sentence from the content in your site in Google. Once you run a search for this sentence only a single search result with your webpage should come up to show that it is unique. But if more webpages from other websites come up in the search results then you definitely have an issue with duplicate contents.

Tools That Check Duplicate Contents for free:

There is a lot of content on the internet; many of us unknowingly may come across Duplicate content. The same idea might have been presented by several people in similar way, it doesn’t imply that the content has been copied. To mitigate such kinds of mistakes, there are numerous tools that help us find and make our content original. The following are some of the tools to find out duplicate content:

Plagspotter: It’s a great tool that allows its users to find duplicate pages of contents across the web identifying plagiarists who may have copied our contents. It also helps to monitor URLs every week by surfing duplicate contents on the internet.

Duplichecker: This tool allows its users to check the originality of the content scheduled to post on the website. The Registered users can make up to 50 searches per day.

Siteliner: It is one of the best tools that allow its users to search duplicate content for their entire site once in a month. It also allows checking for broken links and identifies pages that are most prominent in the different search engines.

Smallseotools: It allows users to check for identical contents and provides some additional SEO advantages.

Premium Tools for checking Duplicate Contents:

Premium Plagiarism checkers come with more features that use advanced algorithms and offer reports like proof of originality. For example, if any website objects to our content citing it as duplicate it can be easily confirmed by using premium which is equipped to identify the original content. Some of the premium Duplicate content tools are as follows.

Grammarly: It allows its users to check plagiarism and check for Grammar misses, sentence structure and word choice. Grammarly can even provide features like who is your audience and what tone your content presents as well.

Plagium: It allows its users to use File comparison, Deep search and Quick search features to check for plagiarism.

Plagiarismcheck.org: It’s a beautiful tool which exactly matches the same content from other sites, even though it’s paraphrased.


Content is truly the king in digital marketing without content creating brand awareness and would be a tough task. But content needs to be unique in every website such that what you offer stands apart from the rest of the crowd in the market. Existence of duplicate content in a website can lead to copyright infringement issues which can cost a lot in capital to any business. Hence the use of the Duplicate Content identifying tools can play a very important role in keeping a business safe.