Tracking Tools to Boost Your Business

Successfully handling clients and their projects mainly depend on having the right systems to oversee where you’re going. Many post-it notes stuck to your desk won’t do. Not when there are too much workload and pressure.

The best project tracking tools make team collaboration and gathering of insights easy and natural. If your team isn’t talking to each other, they might fail to track the progress correctly. There are countless contenders on the market – some are free. The following project management tools have been hand-picked just for you to hack your business growth.

1) Active Collab

It is one of the powerful yet simple project management tools designed especially for your small business. It helps businesses and its team stay organized when there is an overflow of your emails, but it’s also much more than that. With numerous intelligent add-ons, it’s a one-stop solution for all your projects. You can divide tasks to your team, obtain a detailed overview of all team activities, track time spent on each task, and deliver invoices to clients in just a couple of seconds.

2. Hubstaff Tasks

Hubstaff Tasks is more than your average project tracker; it is an Agile project management tool developed to streamline, collaborate, and help rookie business leaders follow it without any hassle. Communication in project management is one of the critical factors for success. Hubstaff Tasks allows teams to monitor progress across all phases of a project efficiently. Each task on a project dashboard includes interactive space where there are comments, assignees, descriptions, checklists, and more.

3. GoFounders

With automated workflows, it’s easy to keep projects moving forward and assigning the load to the right people. Building efficient project management schedules are comfortable with GoFounders with built-in functions such as private inbox, email campaigns, templates, and more team management tools. GoFounders help teams aligned on goals and emphasize collaborative environment on the right projects at the same pace. It is an intuitive tool designed to adapt quickly, which is one of the many reasons why small businesses, startups, and even large enterprises will promptly switch to this tool.

4. Wrike

Wrike is one of the best online projects and works management platform focused on ease of use. It is created with excellent features for tracking and collaboration. With the help of dynamic request forms, customizable dashboards, and interactive Gantt charts, the tracking tool allows users to streamline and automate their normal processes. Editable fields in the tool enable higher experienced project managers to build structures and archives as they like. They are designed to facilitate collaboration and accessible communication in business growth.

5. Freedcamp

Freedcamp is one of the best tools that offer businesses a dashboard with quick access to every project that is ongoing, upcoming, or ended. It provides a designated space for companies to track, stay organized, updated easily, and productive. There are additional tools you can buy from Freedcamp, including a CRM mobile application, to build contacts and leads. And an invoices app, helping you to generate invoices and estimates.


With the changing times, comes a rapid increase of demands in business. Spend a reasonable amount of time to find the exact tool you need to move forward. We hope that the right project tracking will ensure that all of the hard work, planning, and team dedication focused on successful project management doesn’t go to waste.