Top 10 AI-powered Products in 2021

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking over the technological world. There are many ways AI is being adopted in our day-to-day lives. It is applied in almost all the sectors from agriculture and healthcare to banking, manufacturing, and production.

Artificial Intelligence acts as the main driver of emerging technologies like robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and data and will continue to be the technological innovator for the future. The objectives of AI include perception, reasoning, and learning. This technology is now widely used to provide people with personalized recommendations based on their previous search activities and online behaviour.

AI is one of the most widely discussed and trending technologies in the Business World. Giving machines the power to mimic human actions and think like humans is one of the most challenging steps of Artificial Intelligence in the computing world. However, many businesses started adapting AI to eliminate most of their repetitive tasks and solve critically unique problems.

The Top 10 AI-powered Products in 2021 

AI Applications bring sophistication and reduce human efforts of performing repetitive tasks and unnecessary work. The Top ten applications of Artificial Intelligence or the use of AI Products in our daily life are listed below:

1. Email filter and smart Replies 

The onset of Artificial Intelligence and its implementations on day-to-day platforms has enhanced the style of working. We get numerous emails every day but can’t read all of them as they include alerts, advertisements and personal mail. Therefore, email providers such as Google implement AI technology to ensure all the emails are received to the inbox under divided categories.

The received emails are segregated as primary, social, and promotions. The further categories include spam, updates and forums. The mailbox also has a unique feature named smart reply besides email filters. The smart replies help people to respond to the mails instantly with simple phrases just at a click of a button.

2. Digital Assistant

Digital assistants are anticipated to be mans’ best friend in the coming days. They are seen as companions to humans in many cases by helping people with unique features. Voice recognition is the best-suited example of a digital assistant.

Voice recognition or speech recognition can be used to issue commands to phones or tablets, set reminders, and hand-free interaction with personal technologies.

Their most significant advantage is entering text without using the physical keyboard.

Most of the on-screen keyboards have a microphone icon that allows users to switch from typing to speech recognition instantly. Some of the examples are Apple’s Siri. Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa.

3. Drone and Smart Cars

Another important area where the presence of AI is increased in our everyday life is its application in smart cars. Many car manufacturing companies are looking to integrate AI with Automobiles to provide seamless services to their customers. Information can be shared and communicated between cars amidst traffic and also provide real-time updates on roadblocks or accidents to alert vehicles and enable re-routing.

Apart from their use for aerial view monitoring or security surveillance, AI – drones are being used by companies like Amazon to deliver their products at the doorstep of customers revolutionizing the delivery and transport system. 

4. Face Recognition

A Category of biometric software, Facial Recognition helps to map an individual’s facial features and stores the data as a face print. This software uses deep learning algorithms to verify one’s identity and compare the captured image to the stored face print. This technology is increasingly being adopted by many companies these days.

Face Recognition is driven by image recognition and deep neural networks and is mostly used in self-driving cars, fingerprint ID systems, face recognition ID systems, mobile check deposit apps, mobile locking systems, and others.

 5. Social Media Feeds and Entertainment Apps 

AI is present in your smartphone applications within various social media and entertainment apps such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram or other gaming apps. Your entire activity on these applications such as what you see or do is influenced by AI and Machine Learning to a large extent.

Artificial Intelligence controls your feed when you browse these platforms or receive notifications based on your online activity and search activity. Your history, imprint on social media and also your tastes and preferences are considered by AI to curate the information and transfer it to your feed so that you find the more relevant content.

 6. Advertisements 

AI tools automate the advertising target and budget. Marketers use AI-powered systems to AD Platforms, Ad creation and management, optimize Budget and Targeting. Artificial Intelligence brings a competitive advantage to the AD Campaign by reducing human error and improving user experiences.

It helps marketers choose the right influencers and thought leaders, target the right audience, make better and faster decisions, improve Return on Investments (ROI) and provide a more personalized user experience. It tracks users preferences and promotes ads based on their previous choices.

 7. Navigation and Travel 

Another important AI application in our daily life is its integration into navigation service. Many people use navigation service on day to day basis either by using maps to find a location or by using ride hiring service apps like Uber.

Apple, Google and many other navigation service providers use Artificial Intelligence to interpret received information and provide navigation information as well as live traffic updates enabling people to commute more conveniently.

 8. Fraud Prevention 

AI is used by financial institutions and banks for fraud prevention and detection. If any large transactions seem to be suspicious, then they are notified to customers by banks with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Fraud detection is possible with the ability of ML algorithms to learn from past and historical fraud patterns to recognize them in future transactions. Financial institutions can even flag suspicion on unfamiliar purchases as they use AI to recognize unusual spending habits and patterns.

 9. Video Games 

One of the first adopters of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to streamline the gaming process is the video game industry. AI helps build a sense of reality to the games instead of game-breaking outcomes.

Earlier AI was used in video games to generate the random level of games for people to play but in recent times the technology has evolved so much and gone beyond recognition. AI has become one of the major sources to upgrade games with futuristic opinions.

 10. Music and Video Streaming 

With suggested playlists on music apps and YouTube recommendations becoming more relevant, AI technology tracks the music and videos that you listen to and watch often and comes up with suggestions showcasing similar related content based on your watch and search activities.

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is creating a great ecosystem for streaming players and users. AI is dominating the streaming industry by leveraging advanced technology to provide users with a collection of videos and music based on their previous watch activity.

To Conclude 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is helping humans to live a better life and be more productive with the abundance of real data from users. The above-mentioned products are the top ten AI-powered products of 2021 that are omnipresent in our everyday life and simplifying our existence. This shows that AI technology is truly impacting and changing our lives making us more productive and help overcome real challenges.