contact management software

It’s easier to keep track of each contact received when the business is new and the customer base is small, but it becomes challenging to manage each contact when the business is in the growth phase.

For example, if your business only receives five to ten leads every day, then contacting these customers is quite easy, and you can also store or delete these contacts. But if your business receives thousands of contacts every day, such as in case of an e-commerce business, then it would be very challenging for you identify the source, demography, action taken on your site and products purchased or returned.

Eventually, every small business becomes big in some point of the time if the business’s objective meets its customer’s requirement. In such a case, the company must look for Contact Management Software which could do the contact storing, updating and adding job on behalf of the company.

What is Contact Management Software?

Contact Management Software is a tool that maintains contact records, keeps track of each transaction and anticipates customer’s interest in a particular product or service.

Benefits of Contact Management Software:

  • Helps to extract user relevant information for analysis or contact purpose.
  • Multiple filtering options available to narrow down the customer contact details.
  • Relevant extracted information helps in achieving various marketing objectives, such as up-sell or cross-sell products and services.

These tools not only keep track of customers but also of vendors, sellers, suppliers and fulfilment managers.

Which Contact Management Software is best for small businesses?

Installing software increases hardware cost, maintenance and installation time. Hence, a small or medium-sized company must go for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based software in which a third-party provider hosts tools over a secured network.

This software helps to organize and tag the contacts based on demography, logical groups, skills or the latest activity done for quick extraction. It helps in sharing details with team members or externally with clients and other business associates.

However, selecting software to install on company desktops or using a SaaS over a network is entirely based on business requirement.

In this article, we will help you choose from the top 10 Contact Management Software available in 2020:

HubSpot CRM: It is one of the most easy-to-use 100% free contact management tool which generates detailed reports on productivity, sales activity and individual performance. It offers up to 1,000,000 contacts, unlimited users and data with no time limit. It is integrated with features such as Reporting dashboard, Pipeline management, Deal tracking, Company insights, Email tracking & notifications, Live chat, Prospect tracking and Meeting scheduling options.

Salesmate: It is a cloud-based CRM tool integrated with features such as contact management, email marketing, sales pipeline management, phone integration and internal chat. It helps to import contacts from Google, Excel files and mobile, and store them in a central data repository. It also helps to view, organise, prioritise and automate work assignment at various stages of a deal. It costs $12 per user per month if billed annually; otherwise, it would charge $12 per user per month if billed monthly.

Bitrix24: It is a CRM platform that helps to organise and track interaction. It allows to import or export contacts, create reports and carry out analysis, and to segment the target audience as required.

It also allows setting targets for each sales representatives or agents and tracking their progress in real-time. It has a free plan for 12 users with limited tool features and has Special and Business plans as well ranging from $19/month to $159/month.

SalesRabbit: Another cloud-based CRM tool which is a complete lead tracking application designed for field and door-to-door sales business. It has a different pricing strategy for various activities required in an on-the-field sales job.

NetSuite CRM: If you are looking for a robust cloud solution that provides a 360-degree view of customers in real-time, then you must try NetSuite CRM. It caters to wide range of industries and offers customer data management, sales force automation, marketing analytics, e-commerce capabilities, order management and partner relationship management.

NetSuite’s pricing begins at $999/month with individual user access listed at $99 per month depending on add-on modules required, product configuration, contract duration and total user count.

FreeAgent CRM: If you want to unlock productivity and sales growth, then go for FreeAgent CRM, which is customisable cloud-based CRM platform. Its pricing starts from $25/month to $250/month depending on the type of feature you want for your business.

amoCRM: If you want to boost sales by taking customer interaction to the next level, then you must definitely try amoCRM. This tool is a messenger-based CRM platform that allows you to import, export and manage contact database. It also provides in-app chatbot builder, sales analytics, task scheduling and workflow automation. Its base price is $25 and goes up to enterprise-level costing $45. If your focus is to put customers in everything you do, then Salesforce can help you achieve your goals by real-time customer data management and automating and personalising your email marketing. It keeps sales, marketing, and supporting teams in sync by streamlining business processes. The Sales Cloud pricing starts from $25 and goes up to $300.

Freshsales: It is a cloud CRM tool that provides AI-based lead scoring, one-click phone, automated email marketing, and sales lead tracking. It offers 21-days free trial and charges $12/month for small teams to $79/month for enterprise-level companies.

Pobuca: If your business requires storing and sharing contacts, then Pobuca proves to be the best contact management application for you. It allows you to import contacts from a centralised address book, scan business cards, capture email signatures and activity history.

It can help maximise sales effectiveness by providing task management, customer insights, merchandising and order taking. It provides a few basic features for free, and its pricing extends to Pro and Enterprise plans costing you $2/month to $8/month, respectively.

Apart from the tools as mentioned above, you can also choose ONPASSIVE’s upcoming Contact Management SaaS software which is currently in the design phase. It is expected to have tools integrated with Artificial Intelligence for managing, sharing, tracking and updating contacts and customer interactions.

We hope that this contact management software list helps you in identifying the best tool as per your business requirement. Cheers!!!