Joining GoFounders

During the next week or two, I am going to be discussing the Top Ten
Reasons behind my decision to join and promote the GoFounders/
ONPASSIVE business opportunity…

REASON # 1 – The Project Founder

First and foremost, I joined because the project’s Founder and CEO
is Mr. Ash Mufareh, a gentleman who exemplifies everything I would hope to find when joining a company. His vision and goals are unlike anything I have seen during my 23 years in the referral-based marketing space. Prior to July 8, 2018, I had never heard of Ash Mufareh. On that day I watched these 2 videos…

At that time these were the only videos we had available to us which we could use to introduce others to Ash and his vision for an awesome business model. As I listened to him intently I knew immediately that this project was going to be something very extraordinary. I often recall the first phone chat I had with Ash the following day, during which it became apparent to me that this project is what I had been waiting for and hoping for during my 23-year search. More importantly, it was very apparent that I was speaking with a man of great integrity with a sincere mission is to help millions of folks worldwide improve their lives.

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Ash Mufareh is honest, transparent, caring, and a true professional.
Any negative reviews or comments one may find online are absolutely unfounded and untrue. His project, like any endeavor which attracts thousands (80,500 as I write this message) of participants, has been attacked by a small number of naysayers. The larger the project the more prone it is to attack from outsiders. It was mentioned in our Community Forum that a Founder has requested a refund because she heard that GoFounders/ONPASSIVE is a scam.

I am utterly amazed at this thought process. I suppose she had been exposed to one of the negative “reviews” that can be found online, most of which are authored by some anonymous person who has absolutely no idea what he or she is talking about. They, like most uninformed naysayers, are simply creating controversy to draw attention to their own dubious agenda. It is indeed unfortunate that some folks use such reviews to justify their decision not to engage in or to quit the project. Such folks are weak and easily influenced.

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They look for reasons not to participate. Instead of learning why 80,000 folks have decided to engage in the project, they pay closer attention to a handful of hateful and ignorant naysayers. I have no doubt whatsoever that those whose decision not to join this awesome project is based on some negative reviews will forever regret their decision.

To summarize REASON # 1 I wish to publicly express my heartfelt gratitude to Ash Mufareh. His service, dedication, and lofty goal to improve the lives of millions of folks worldwide are greatly appreciated.

In my next post, I will discuss REASON # 2 – The Business Model

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