Podcast Day

Recent times have seen tremendous growth when it comes to podcasting. The industry has also grown in terms of revenue, content, variety, and listenership. According to a study, currently, there are over 5 million podcasts globally with more than 460 million listeners. It is convenient for people to enjoy a podcast while walking, driving, working out, or even trying to sleep. 

With over 5 million podcasts to choose from, it is quite a difficult task to stand out in the competition. On the occasion of International Podcast Day, let us discuss the key trends in podcasting that will help the creators to keep up. 

Top 5 Podcast Trends That Cannot Be Ignored

  • Podcast Advertising

Studies have reported that 90% of podcast listeners enjoy podcast ads, unlike YouTube viewers. Most of them do not skip them and even consider purchasing a product that comes across in the ads. It is estimated that podcast advertising will reach the US $2.5 billion mark by 2024.

  • User Experience Optimization

It is helpful to explore the needs of your target audience and improve the user experience for consistent and loyal customers. Depending on your podcast category, it is better to keep refining the quality by market research in order to have a holistic idea about your target audience. 

  • Live Streaming Podcasts

Live podcasting is one of the latest trends that is continuously growing. This format of podcasting has a virtual live audience through Q&As, solo casts, or interviews. Many podcasters host live streaming once a month, but for some, this is their primary podcasting format. 

  • Niche-Specific Podcasts

Many of the podcasts are niching down, a concept most brands are considering to target a smaller and more specific group. Niche-specific podcasts are very useful for marketers who can decide if the content aligns with their target market or if they need to alter it. These podcasts firmly plant yourself into a specific niche. 

  • Cross-Promotion

Expanding the audience is crucial for any podcast, and cross-promotion is one of the tactics podcasters utilize. Here, two podcasters mutually promote each other on their platforms. Having a solid listener base, they get more audience for marketing that eventually helps them get new listeners from this partnership. 

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You can promote your brand on ONET or can create new content to build a brand. Being a social media platform, you can connect with your friends on ONET and increase your audience. Once you start your podcast, you can expand your listenership and start promoting your brand. 

Wrap Up

Podcast creators have stepped up their game, and audiences are responding in a positive way from across the world. Podcasts are helping several brands to make a positive marketing impact on their sales and revenue. Technology is playing a crucial role in improving the analytics and insights of a podcast. Many platforms are making lead conversion easier with tech-related improvements, including clickable cards inside their podcast episodes. 

ONPASSIVE’s ONET is a social media platform where you can increase your friend circle and promote your brand through various creative podcasts. Studies are predicting the upcoming years to be the golden era of podcasting. It is the best time to showcase your talent and attract as many followers on ONET as possible through podcasting unique content.

Putting in hours in podcasting and making it a long-term marketing plan to get better results is essential. 

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