Till your business is in your marketplace, your website would serve the purpose efficiently. But as soon as you think of the expansion of your business to foreign locales, you need to make sure your target audiences in those locations understand what you are offering.

English is a universal language and is widely accepted as an official language in most of the countries. However, the majority of the population is still not comfortable with the language. Your business offerings will be well-understood if you communicate with the people in their language.

It can be achieved only if your website could speak on your behalf. In other ways, your website should have options to select the language as per the convenience of the local audience of different marketplaces.

Thankfully every content management system (CMS) portals come with plugins to support multi-language features. Once installed, your entire website gets the capability to auto-translate into the desired language with high accuracy.

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So what are the advantages of having a multi-language feature on your website?

  • Locals Embrace Foreign Brands: If your website is equipped with translating options, then the local audience of respective marketplaces gain trust in the brand and perceive your company as competitive and customer-oriented. It makes them feel that you understand their needs and culture, and so it becomes easy for them to embrace your brand in their marketplace.
  • Ease to Deliver Message: Once you install such a feature on your website, you need not have to look for language specialists for explaining and updating product features for the customers. Such features translate every content on the page in the local language.
  • Supports Search Function: Not only the translation of existing content, but this feature also takes care of the search function on the website. That means, if a user searches on the website using native language script, the result displays the most accurate information on the page. Thus, it provides the ease of searching and engaging with the website.
  • Cost Reduction: Multi-language plugins are available at a very low price and are very easy to install. On top of that, these plugins also reduce the cost of hiring language specialists for translation purposes. Another supporting point is that there is no need to create a separate website for each marketplace.
  • Minimizes Communication Gap: Now, you need not have to wave hands or nod your head to interact with your potential customers. Reduce the communication gap and share as much information about your product and services with your foreign prospects as you can. Multi-language options help you to get close to your customers and speak to them in their primary language.

These are the benefits of having a multi-language feature on your business website, which doesn’t only help you expand to other marketplaces but also lets you display what you have to offer without any communication gap.

One of the live examples of a platform that has integrated such a feature and gaining advantages is GoFounders. Once you become a registered founder on the GoFounders website, you will notice a feature on the top right corner of the site that allows you to select anyone out of 108 language options.