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Once in the entire professional experience, everyone has been part of a team that had members with egos, low interest in the job, backstabbers, and appreciation deprived.

Do you think those were wrong hirings? Maybe. But most of the people who pass difficult interview rounds to get the job show such negative professional skills because of the management.

If business owners could put their ego aside, they could see that more than 50% of the employees leave the company because of bad management, and 60% of them believe managers should receive management training.

Out of 60% of the companies having a feedback submission channel, only 30% of the employee feedback is acted upon by the employers. Multiple other factors lead to stressed, depressed, and demotivated employees and team members.

Below are the factors that could encourage your employees to work as a team:

Set clear defined goals:

As a team leads or a manager, it is your responsibility to define the goals of your team members and employees. Your team members need to understand how their performance would impact organizational goals. Hence, employee goals must be aligned with organizational goals.

Vague goals are a straight no-no. Use numbers to set the target and mention end dates (SLA or ETA) against each goal so that that performance evaluation could be done with high transparency.

Establish a Channel for Communication:

Encourage team members to participate in activities that require members to talk to each other. Activities, such as morning huddles and weekly meetings, should be designed to communicate and share challenges and the progress, openly. A well-communicating team has the potential to point out problems and solutions instantly. It also helps in reducing dependencies and blockers.

Feedback Mechanism:

Companies are shifting their one-way communication method, i.e., from top to bottom approach to the 360-degree feedback mechanism.

In such a scenario, not only managers share feedback with the employees, but employees and their peers, stakeholders, and customers are free to share their feedback to evaluate the performance. Such feedback methods help an individual to accept appreciations and work on areas of improvement without anyone forcing them to do so. Hence, team members become proactive and deliver high productivity with reliability.

Boost Employees with Rewards:

Employees not necessarily get motivated only after receiving good appraisals. Monthly or quarterly rewards for best performers provide them required recognition and goodies that keep them encouraged to deliver more.

It keeps the competition alive in the team, and it also helps the management to identify the most frequently best-performing candidate who could be trained for the next role in the career.

Assign Additional Projects to Best Performers:

Along with the rewards, make sure to assign additional projects that increase their visibility upwards. When team members believe they are contributing to a bigger picture, they tend to work harder. They deliver more than what is in hand.

Team-Building Games:

Encourage team members to take part in games conducted for building a strong connection between the team members. Such games are usually designed to teach leadership principles and team-bonding.

You could also create small teams within your big team and assign the same set of tasks that earlier team members used to do individually. This way, different members come together and work as a team. A few of them act as leaders who identify challenges and suggest solutions to achieve higher than other teams.

It has a dual benefit – Projects at hand do not get paused for conducting team-building games, and the collated output of all teams exceeds the productivity and reliability when compared to individual performance.

To summarize, there is enough space for experimentation in terms of conducting activities designed to encourage teamwork. However, proper communication and feedback channels play a vital role in keeping team-spirit high in level. Always identify best performers with the help of clear goals, and reward them as per their performance. Assign them tasks and activities that give them a feeling of high responsibility.

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